Hitler And Weinstein

As far as I can tell, Hitler hasn’t found out about Weinstein yet. Let’s try a little crowdsourcing to do the video. I’ll kick it off.

At the beginning, they’re talking about how the war against Trump is going, but they’re having problems raising enough campaign funds. Hitler tells then not to worry, Weinstein will come through after his next blockbuster film. They have to tell him that Weinstein has stepped down after being accused of sexual harassment and assault. So who does he ask to step out of the room for the rant?

In the scene where the one woman is comforting another, she can say something like “Don’t worry, there are still plenty of casting-couch scumbags in Hollywood who will give you a part. You might not even have to watch them shower or take in the @ss.”

[Wednesday-morning update]

OK, this is sort of what I had in mind, but I think there are other possible variants.

8 thoughts on “Hitler And Weinstein”

  1. Rand, that’s genius.

    Maybe he should ask Tarantino, Podesta and Damon to stay in the room. Tarantino hasn’t come out against Weinstein, Podesta got beaucoup bucks from him and Damon squashed the story in 2004.

      1. Clooney is well known for his history of “pranks”, most of them juvenile and low brow, the worst qualify as sexual harassment. He’s in good company with Weinstein.

  2. Well I think one of the problems is that Hillary Hitler always knew about Weinstein. Oh wait, she’s just learning that it is now undeniable public knowledge.

    “If you don’t Harvey’s name tattooed on your butt, leave the room?”

    Then we can all speculate which one left looks most like Judy Dench.

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