Harvey Weinstein Destroyed Hollywood

Now what?

What does this all mean? Hollywood is worse than you thought it was, even than I thought it was. And I worked there for years, observing things close up. These people — led by Weinstein as the local Henry VIII, now decamped for Europe for an Anthony Weiner-style rehab — have solidified themselves as some of the biggest hypocritical fakes in recorded history, deceiving themselves even more, if that’s possible, than they deceive the rest of us.

Can you imagine how it’s going to be watching this year’s Oscars as they coop up awards while making political pronouncements on whatever cause strikes their superficially conventional (but personally sick) fancies, especially if those causes express veiled contempt for the morals of those clods in flyover country who are supposed to be their audience?

Speaking as a member of the Academy since the 1980s, I won’t be watching. It’s over for me, especially since Joan Rivers is no longer with us to lend a certain amused cynicism to the vulgar orgy of self-congratulation. And I suspect I won’t be alone. Hollywood has become the new NFL. People will soon be turning it off.

As he says it’s an opportunity for conservative investors. Which they’ll miss.

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More thoughts from Allahpundit:

Middle America has always suspected the movie industry of being a den of perverts, cutthroats, and sociopaths. Now here’s Weinstein apparently proving it’s worse than everyone thought. And as more comes out on others, it may get worse still.


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  1. I not only think it’s worse than I can imagine (they tried to bed both Shirley Temple and her mother in adjacent rooms) but that it will get much worse and they will only turn on those they absolutely can’t defend.

  2. Rush Limbaugh had an interesting take on why people like Weinstein are such generous contributors to Democrat causes. They are “liberal,” it is true, but that may be only part of the motive. The rest might be that they regard their liberalism as a shield for personal misconduct. Generally, if stuff starts to leak out, the Left will circle the wagons to protect their own. The archetype of wagon circling was Bill Clinton. That he got away with what he did, and the Left still thinks he walks on water, is testimony to the degree of self-delusion of which they are capable.

    Note that O’Reilly and Cosby, who are more conservative, were pounced on by the Left. It doesn’t happen to a good progressive, no matter how bad he is.

  3. In related news, spokespersons for Harvey Weinstein have announced that, after getting out of rehab, Mr. Weinstein will be retiring from the entertainment business altogether. Instead, the bloated, repulsively ugly ex-mogul will be devoting his energies to a new venture, partnering with Miracle-Gro on a new, secret ingredient plant food.


  4. I think it is wishful thinking to assume Hollywood is destroyed by these revelations. It damn well should be, but I don’t think it is. Primarily because no official investigative agency will actually investigate him for the crimes. The NY DA has already said, “welp, the NYPD messed it up by not getting evidence of criminal intent”. First, the evidence NYPD has is Big Fat Slob (I don’t care to use this guy’s name, because he looks disgusting as is, but more so with the allegations) admitting to groping a woman’s boob without her consent. That’s more evidence than anyone had in regards to Duke Lacrosse, but Duke Lacrosse was prosecuted until found innocent, and the NY DA doesn’t think such an admission, coming after a criminal complaint filed by the groped woman, constitutes criminal intent. And then the DA got $10,000 from Weinstein for his next campaign (no joke, although I may be hedging low on the amount).

    But where have we heard this “lack of criminal intent” nonsense before? Oh yeah, Comey read that into a federal law that specifically said no intent was necessary, and used that reasoning to let Hillary off the hook. Anyone think the FBI, which is still covering for Comey, won’t also look the other way for Big Fat Slob?

    (side note, two week’s on and FBI can’t even tell us a motive for a guy that video’d his crime and left notes; but then it took them awhile to figure out a previous guy that called 9-11 and a local tv station when taking time out from shooting gay infidels. Not saying same motive, but FBI is having a tough time with the basics these days)

    That pretty much leaves California… LOL Even the victims in California don’t seem to want to uncover the truth. Maybe Rose McGowan, but for all her “RoseArmy”, she still isn’t naming names prior to them coming out in the news. I just read something from Kate Beckinsale, which basically said “I was smart enough to avoid him, even at age 17. Yeah it hurt my career. But girl power, because there are more Big Fat Slobs. I’ll just say ‘insert name’ rather than, you know, actually insert the name of the other predators I’ve met.” And so the others aren’t named. Oh Ben Affleck got mentioned by some haters, but the girl he groped said no hard feelings, and Ben apologized yesterday for what happened decades ago; so he’s back in good graces, unlike that pussy grabber Trump. Nobody cares that the pussy Trump supposedly grabbed claims to never been grabbed or even solicited; he’s still bad, because R.

  5. FBI is having a tough time with the basics

    Their only job is investigation. The problem is the DOJ, no matter how corrupt the FBI. This is why Sessions is such a disappointment.

  6. Hollywood will continue to exist for a few more years, maybe even decades. But the end is nigh. Anyone can walk into a Best Buy (yes, I know they’re almost done for too) with $5,000 they’ve scrounged together and walk out with a couple of HD cameras, some Bluetooth microphones, and a mid-level Mac on which they can edit, mix, and do special effects. And boom, they’re in business as their own movie studio and they can release their movies on the internet. Most of it will be crap, in strict accordance to Sturgeon’s Law. But enough of it will be good enough to obliterate Hollywood’s stranglehold on pop culture. As has been said before, “Faster, please.”

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