2 thoughts on “Moving AST Out Of FAA”

  1. Did the review reach a conclusion? I didn’t see this from the article.
    With the FAA still holding regulatory prerogatives over controlled airspace, is there any advantage to be had moving commercial space ops out of the FAA? Sounds like more chances for pointless turf battles to me. This article didn’t make any such “advantages” of such a move clear to me.

    1. A significant advantage of moving AST out of the FAA is removing spaceflight from the sclerotic culture of the FAA. IMHO, moving AST out of the FAA to the DoT as a whole is the first step in transforming AST into a Space Guard, quite similar to the DoT’s Coast Guard. I would eventually move all air traffic functions to Space Guard as well, because P-P ballistic transport on Earth will *have*to* give highest priority to a ballistic transport that simply cannot slide into a hold in the approach patterns of today’s airports.

      The current problems with reforming FAA traffic control, going back decades, give an idea of how P-P ballistic transport will be slowed by being controlled by the FAA.

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