2 thoughts on “Still Busy”

  1. Shortly thereafter, the plan fell victim to democracy. Peaceful transitions of power are wonderful things, but they don’t lend themselves to space plans that span administrations.

    This will always be the case because of competing interests from the space community, competing interests in the national budget, and technology/innovation/capitalism outpace 5 year plans.

    Some of the things that have survived three Presidents are the commercial cargo and crew programs. These programs are successful because they allow the companies to market to other customers, this allows the costs to run these companies to be spread among a larger group of customers while making money for profits and R&D. This is a force multiplier for NASA because they get to use the resources without paying the full cost of them.

    Just like the strength of our military relies on a strong economy and technological innovation, so does NASA and the space community in general. Instead of focusing on a single desire, the space community needs to focus on expanding economic opportunities and technological innovations so that everyone can realize their desires.

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