6 thoughts on “War On Women”

  1. An evergreen guide to what the Left is doing or plans to do is to listen to what they accuse their political opponents of.

    They have to talk about virtue in order to cover up their own lack of virtue. In order to claim the mantled of being more enlightened, they need an other to feel superior over. As a group, the left knows how horrible they treat people but because of the belief they are intrinsically better than everyone else, the other must be incredibly horrific.

    1. I’ve often said the last person I’d want to have a gun is a left-wing anti-gun nut. They know that guns make people kill, so if they had a gun, they’d be out there murdering people.

      1. Instapundit linked
        this today,

        At work, I’ve spaced out for 20 minutes at a time during meetings, daydreaming about committing violence, always righteously, in overly dramatic, obnoxiously heroic ways, with a very troubling overtone of white saviorism.

        The mass hysteria sweeping the left has already led to mass violence and attempted assassinations. The guy who wrote this piece comes off as mentally unstable, supportive of politics expressed through violence, and prone to act on the hysteria. He is the exact type who should not own a gun.

        1. If there were a practical way of doing so, it would be interesting to hold people to the rules they’d like to impose on others.

  2. Rand, I had not read the 2012 article before. It’s amazing. I had no idea what the “good old days” of the leftist movement were like for women. Thank you so much for reposting this.

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