Mike Griffin

The guy who ignored the advice of the Aldridge Commission and industry to utilize commercial providers for the Vision for Space Exploration, instead issuing no-bid cost-plus contracts for Constellation, that were overrunning and slipping more than a year per year when it was canceled, seems like an odd choice to be put in charge of reforming procurement at the Pentagon.

6 thoughts on “Mike Griffin”

  1. Maybe ATK installed their guy to make sure the process goes smoothly for ATK? Griffin was certainly good for ATK’s business last time he was in charge of anything.

  2. Griffin’s also been a major proponent of the AR-1 as an RD-180 replacement, and upgrading Atlas V to use it, and also cancel Vulcan if I remember correctly.

    1. ULA needs to learn how to stand on their own. They have made a lot of good changes, maybe its time to take the training wheels off.

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