9 thoughts on “Trump As Reagan”

  1. “Reagan never had control of the House.” Indeed. That would have been amazing.
    I thought it might happen in 2004, but Pres. Bush really didn’t care about anything but the war in Iraq. 9/11 was incredibly effective to distract a whole bunch of conservatives into wasting the biggest opportunity they had had for about a century.

    1. Wasting opportunity is a move we’ve got down cold.

      Imagine what could be accomplished if the most conservative agenda in a generation got the support three branches of govt. could give it? Great job, style freaks.

    2. To be fair, I don’t think the Republicans much cared about conservative issues either. It was Newt that got things going.

      1. Just read that Trump will outpace Reagan in getting new young appellant judges which will have a long lasting effect.

    1. I guess CNN gave up on that whole apple/banana thing.

      The media has always hidden the truth through slant but they are taking things to Stalinist proportions.

  2. Trump’s rhetorical and behavioral recklessness — his government-by-tweet — still make it hard to discern whether there is a method to his madness, or whether he is just going with the populist flow he helped unleash. He has yet to be tested with a serious crisis, where showmanship and bluster count for nothing.

    Mostly true except that Trump has been facing serious crises. From day one there were domestic and international crises. That some of them don’t appear serious now means Trump can be competent, even if the media refuses to report on it.

    The media also glosses over one of the most serious crises, the organized and random violence from the Democrat party. Trump has been very restrained rhetorically and in the use of government regarding this. Why is the orange dictator so restrained?

    There is a method here, whether it will be effective in dealing with all problems wont be known for a while. Also, notice Trump’s tweets are a lot more polished now than during the campaign. Even during the campaign, Trump wasn’t the only one composing tweets. A group effort means that they are not just spastic impulse.

    1. Should also note that showmanship and bluster do count if they make people think you are not bluffing and that your sticks and carrots carry credibility.

      Obama didn’t need a “Don’t call my bluff.” moment. Everyone knew he was bluffing.

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