Steve Jurvetson

Wow, I hope the allegations aren’t true:

Steve Jurvetson, a partner at a major Silicon Valley venture capital firm that bears his name—Draper Fisher Jurvetson—has left the company amid accusations of sexual harassment. However, he is still listed as a “partner” on the DFJ website.

Jurvetson currently serves on the boards of Tesla and SpaceX, but he has taken a leave as a result of these allegations, according to CNBC.

Weird. I was just talking to him Thursday in Seattle.

3 thoughts on “Steve Jurvetson”

  1. It is unfortunate that it is just the accusation that matters.

    This is why nobody should get too excited until a court settles the matter, except the damage by then could already be done without further outcome.

  2. How has he left the company if he is still a partner? If I had a journalism degree maybe I’d be smart enough to understand.

  3. Steve Jurvetson visited Ventions this week and they gave him one of their rocket engines. I wonder if it was in an investment capacity, or just curious about rockets.

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