3 thoughts on “Milspace”

  1. the commercial space boom could turn out to be a fad that fades in a few years

    He of little faith. Not realizing the economic benefit of colonization is the only thing that could make that so. If this were an election, he’d be right. Fortunately it is not, so an almost non-existing minority (who happen to be billionaires) are enough to make the future happen.

  2. Space and risk analysis paralysis, AEROSPACE AMERICA/NOVEMBER 2011, Col. Fred G. Kennedy.
    Aversion to failure or loss has become so endemic to our space enterprise that programs are often very late, deeply over budget, or canceled. Acknowledging that the possibility of loss or failure is part of the space equation is the only way to break this cycle.

    One of the best opinion pieces written on the state of Milspace. One of the problems he doesn’t mention is that a Major (or NASA manager) can’t ruin his career by picking Lockmart to build his spacecraft but he can if he picks Joe’s Aerospace.

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