The Mueller Farce

It’s time to end it:

n a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 7, current FBI Director Christopher Wray consistently deflected questions regarding these types of conflicts by deferring to ongoing investigations being conducted by the Justice Department’s inspector general. He also continued to stonewall on providing information on the FBI’s use of the Steele dossier and the FISA warrant it helped generate, citing vague national security concerns.

We are left with an appearance of an unacceptable degree of political prejudice and a troubling series of unanswered questions. It is dangerous to subject the office of the president to a gravely biased investigation undertaken with a reckless spirit. Should further evidence of untoward bias emerge, Americans may conclude that the justice system itself is illegitimate, with all that entails.

The most prudent move would be to suspend the special counsel investigation until the Justice Department inspector general’s office and other watchdogs can conclude their investigations into possible illegitimate or illegal actions taken by members of Mueller’s team. Then Congress must be given time to review the conclusions of the internal investigations as well as conclude their own ongoing inquiries. The stakes are too high to allow a clique of politicized government agents to destroy the integrity of the investigative apparatus, and damage the office of the presidency.

I wish this were something new, but I think this kind of corruption goes back a quarter of a century, when the Clinton gang came into national power.

4 thoughts on “The Mueller Farce”

  1. the justice system itself is illegitimate


    The Clintons paid for a fake dossier using shills that demonstrate their intent at fraud to spy on a campaign after rigging a prior election. At what point do known criminals get penalized?

    There are stories of a private spy agency to go around the various alphabet agencies. Hopefully it not only happens but results in executions for treason in quantity that discourages this sort of deep state going forward.

    Congress has oversight responsibilities. Stonewalling alone should be a penalized crime. It is insane we allow this to continue. It completely removes the power of the citizen when congress can’t perform their job.

  2. The problem is that there was Russian interference, just as there has been since the 1930’s. An investigation that laid out what Russia did, and is currently doing, would have been great. We aren’t getting that.

    We know they organized BLM’esque protests that turned out thousands, have a hand in the environmental movement, and even tried to organize an anti-refugee protest that drew less than a handful of people. People analyzing ad buys on FaceBook showed that they supported all sides of every controversial issue.

    It could be argued that looking at the Trump campaign to trace back connections to Russia might lead to something. But if there is not a connection to the Trump campaign, the investigation will tell us nothing about what Russia did. I am more than a little suspicious as to why the IC and the Democrats don’t want the public to know what Russia really did.

    1. Indeed. The investigation should go back to the Cold War or earlier, to find out who’s really been influenced by Russia over the last century.

      But that’s the last thing the left would want, since it would put many of them up on treason charges.

  3. I wouldn’t end the investigation. I would start up a special prosecutor, invested with the purpose of rooting out corruption in the FBI and DOJ, specifically in investigating recent political issues (IRS, Clinton email, Russian interference). Make sure it also has the power to indict people for lying to it. And Trump should instruct Jeff Sessions (no recusal this time) to immediately fire anyone who takes the Fifth.
    I think this would be a serious blow to the Deep State. And in case the current investigation finds a few more “obstruction” charges, would help make it clear how little that means and how partisan the investigation has been.

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