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  1. Well, look at the incentives. Failure to prevent the largest surprise attack since Pearl Harbor resulted in a massive increase in money and power. That wouldn’t have happened, if they had successfully kept the 19 terrorists out of the country in the first place.

  2. Who knew that more than a single perspective could supply wisdom? I can raise my hand on that.

    For example, why would Trump be mad that Nikki says his accusers should be heard. Nikki is only saying what, as a general rule, should be considered true.

    But now look at it from Trump’s perspective. He might admit that some of the accusations have some validity, but if he also knows that it is mostly a political (and perhaps paid for) attack, any sign of weakness is blood in shark infested waters. He’s right to deny everything since the selective outrage is over behavior which is socially acceptable in most cases.

    Nobody cares what he actually said about people in power getting away with stuff (which is undeniably true.) They only care that it was said in a vulgar way an could be released as a timely weapon. A weapon that only works because they can mischaracterize that and other statements the same way they repeatedly lied that Sarah said she could see Russia from her porch when in actuality she simply made the absolutely true statement that Alaska and Russia have locations that can be seen one from the other.

    I’m a bit lazy about digging into all the left’s false accusations, but thankful of those that post here doing it for me. It is not stop lying to the point that it’s easy to see multiple lies in single sentences.

    It’s like hearing the wage gap lie, over and over, no matter how completely it’s been disproved. Of course, if the wage gap were true, no man (or very few) would have a job. Drugging young school boys and anti-man colleges may eventually do that.

  3. If I ran an intelligence organization I’d make sure my “front” to the world made it look like a bunch of blithering idiots while the real organization was out of public view. You might also have to not act on intel because it compromises sources.
    OTOH, that assumes you actually have a real, hidden, competent organization.

  4. Indeed, they did. And now, Morell admits he went after the new president without even considering what that might mean.

    For all the talk about adhering to American principles, do any of our elite actually know what any are? The peaceful transition of power has kept us from ending up like other countries with serial revolutions and dictators. These chuckleheads thought it was time to end all that?

    I was so deeply concerned about what a Trump presidency might look like from a national security perspective, and believed that there was such a gap between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump with regard to how well they would protect the country

    Trump was an unknown who campaigned on not engaging in military adventurism, rebuilding the military, and re-balancing military alliances to get our allies to pull their weight. Hillary was a known quantity responsible for unfathomable human suffering from sex slavery and industrial slavery, tens of millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands dead, torture unseen since wwii, and the likelihood she would start another war to show she was a strong nasty woman.

    I don’t know how anyone following her career could think that Hillary would have been a good President when it comes to the use of military force or diplomacy.

    1. For all the talk about adhering to American principles, do any of our elite actually know what any are?

      “Don’t care” can look a lot like “don’t know”.

  5. It looks like the IC, under the direction of Obama, rigged the investigation into Hillary and engaged in an illegal series of actions to influence the election and remove Trump in a coup.

    Obama told Lynch not to prosecute Hillary but that wouldn’t look good politically. The Democrats used carefully crafted deceit to set up a sham investigation that would remove the overt appearance of giving Hillary a free pass. But that process corrupted the DOJ. Those same corrupt officials then set about spying on Trump, acting as saboteurs, and refusing to allow the peaceful transition of power to take place.

    Remember when Hillary’s staff was given immunity and everyone was wondering what the DOJ got out of it? The DOJ got nothing out of it. It was just a way to insure that no future investigations couldn’t take place, that no one would be convicted of crimes, and that Trump wouldn’t run unopposed.

    The question is will low level IC officials take the fall or will Obama and his core staff face consequences for what happened?

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