3 thoughts on “The “Clean Power” Plan”

  1. and the agency staff blew him off by means of a preposterous legal fiction that has long been in need of correction.

    And where was the media when this abuse of the courts and corruption of a government agency took place? Cheering the lawlessness on. Now, they report breathlessly on scandals such as two scoops of ice cream and twelve diet cokes.

    Russia might have tried to meddle in the 2016 campaign but it was the DNC media, Democrats, and corrupt government officials who colluded to disenfranchise the American public. It wasn’t even out of the ordinary because it has been going on since 2007.

    1. We meddle in other countries elections (Obama in both Israel and Kenya that I’ve read and many more I’m sure.) What’s illegal is getting foreign money. All elections are influenced from many sources with the assumption the voters will sort it out. The only thing that makes Russia a story is the media wants it to be. If they did actual journalism they would research their story thoroughly before they published anything. Beating a non-story to death is pulp fiction.

      If only we lived in a world where the media did their job which often means not publishing certain stories. At minimum they should include refuting sources.

  2. My view is that the original determination was made in bad faith, hence, its reversal doesn’t need any sort of deliberation. If they want to regulate CO2 emissions, then do so via legislation. It’s how it should have been done in the first place.

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