10 thoughts on “Hezbolla, Iran, and Obama”

  1. The “deal” hinged on some future President being able to negotiate them into giving up or delaying their quest for nukes when the current deal expired. But any future President would be negotiating with a much stronger Iran thanks to everything Obama did to help them.

    If Obama wanted Iran to get nuclear weapons, what would he have done differently? It looks like he secured the time for them to work unmolested (as long as the work wasn’t overt), gave them billions in funding, helped them gain influence in Iraq and Syria, and enabled Hezbollah.

    Could you imagine what would be said if a Republican helped cartels and the Iranians sell drugs in the USA? Well, we already know. Let’s see if Obama gets the same treatment.

    1. We know what leftists said when Nixon secretly invaded Cambodia to attack enemy bases and supply routes. We also know what they did not say when Obama secretly invaded Syria.

  2. I’m so old that I can remember when people who accused Obama of stuff not even as bad as allowing a terrorist group to smuggle cocaine (and who knows what else) into the USA were dismissed as racist.

    Fast and Furious anyone? It’s worth remembering that the guns went to the Zeta cartel, the cartel working with Hezzbolah.

    It’s also worth remembering that the people the democrats had running their House IT department were part of this Hezzbolah operation.

    1. I got the impression that the Sinaloa cartel were the primary benefactors of Fast and Furious. But reading around, it appears that they too have done business in the seedy parts of the Middle East, though I don’t know if there was a similar connection to Hezbollah.

  3. This article continues to provide benefit of the doubt where there is no doubt. Obama is guilty of treason.

  4. It’s not entirely clear if the article is suggesting that, with more time, the policy might have been a success. That would be pure fantasy. How can accelerating an object away ever make it come nearer?

    1. It’s probably fairly easy for someone in the soi-disant “reality-based community” to believe such arrant nonsense.

  5. I’m pissed that the press is giving a pass on the concept of the ‘moderate terrorist.’

    In other words, it’s ok to give aid and comfort to terrorists if they talk pretty while killing us.

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