5 thoughts on “How To Determine If You Should Talk Politics In Public”

  1. If I waited to speak for as long as I should (about 20 years) nobody would remember the context and my point would already have been made.

    So I’m irrelevant.

  2. Yeah, I saw a lot of people who said they really just missed the first two.
    And I actually think they were right; just be Scott Adams said that Trump was certain to win, and he won, doesn’t make him right. Polls showed Clinton with a (slight) advantage, and I refuse to believe that anyone can actually have a clear gut feeling of the 2% of voters who decided the election.

    1. just be Scott Adams said that Trump was certain to win, and he won, doesn’t make him right.

      Yeah, he has been wrong on a lot of stuff along the way too. It was very interesting reading him during the election though. If being wrong meant a person couldn’t speak, no one would ever talk.

    2. If he said Trump would win he was right, even if by one vote. That’s the definition of being right. However, he did say ‘certain’ (I’m assuming you are accurately stating that) which makes him wrong.

      But that’s not the point. The point is people being wrong and blithely forgetting that fact as they continue in the same pattern. The media (and others) simply have no introspection.

      Trump now has a one year record. Many of the objections to Trump were proved entirely right, but his supporters were well aware of those. It is what some are still not aware of that is relevant. With all the made up media BS Trump was still amazingly been able to get a lot of important things done and it’s looking like his second year may be able to build on that momentum. Passing the tax bill was critical to this.

      He’s actually done so many things right, without the full support of the party (I’m being nice) that nobody has the full list.

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