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  1. It is the ideological emptiness of Mitt that makes him attractive to those who wish the Senate to continue as a “collegial” organization that ruffles no feathers. I’d much rather see Representative Mia Love become Senator Love from Utah.

      1. To the left Mia is somehow an old white man in disguised (they haven’t figured out the appropriate slur yet) but recognizing her awesomeness makes you a misogynistic racist!

        She is beyond awesome.

        1. When Palin was running for VP, a left wing pundit said she isn’t a woman, she’s a Republican. Love is a far better candidate than Romney, IMO, but I don’t see her winning in Utah. Also, Romney is going for revenge for Trump’s humiliation by forcing him to interview for Sec State (I think) and then not giving him the job.

  2. Don’t crown him yet. No one else has thrown their hat in the ring. I don’t think Mia Love can beat him (she might have trouble beating McAdams for the 4th district, even), but let’s see how things shake out.

    It’s worth remembering that Mike Lee came out of relative obscurity (he was an attorney on the governor’s general counsel or something) to knock off Bob Bennett. Everyone knows Romney, but name recognition won’t be enough in the convention or primary. Some of the pro-choice/Romneycare/squishy stuff will come front and center, and he’ll be more vulnerable than people think.

  3. I think it fair to point out that executive skills are a crucial skill set for a potential future Senate Majority/Minority Leader to have. If Romney can win the seat at all, and McConnell stays Leader for long enough that Romney can become an established party figure within the Senate, replicating the Paul Ryan maneuver doesn’t seem all that unlikely a possibility any more.

  4. Mitt should easily win the election- and if he fails, then he should definitely take up knitting.
    It’s true that any republicans should be able to win, Utah. But Mitt should have been able to beat Obama.
    And if he is senator for couple terms, Maybe he might able to try a run at president. So, 2018 plus 12 is 2030 AD.
    And 2016 + 4 + 4 + 4 is 2028 presidential election, which start 1/2 way thru his second term as Senator. He would be ancient [more than 80]- but maybe he imagines he lives healthy and and medical technology could improve by then.
    And losing twice trying to be US president- works against any further attempt, but getting what should be easy win would tend to erase the past failure [could be seen as an asset having experience, after few years have gone by as being a Senator of Utah. And being Senator of Utah, should help him get important committee positions fairly quickly.
    Also Mitt probably still think Trump could fail any moment and could be in a position running for president sooner.
    So should be a walk in park and not require much money, and should discourage anyone serious from opposing him. And Dems are broke- thanks to Obama and Clinton “leadership”.

  5. As much as Mitt doesn’t like Trump, he’s still not John McCain. I wonder if he’d cause trouble as a senator. Is he a party man?

    It goes without saying, I’d rather someone better.

  6. Oh, don’t get me started on Romney.

    Back in the 2012 primaries, Newt Gingrich gave a speech about space policy. He is a longtime space enthusiast and is knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. We can quibble with his specific policies, but not about his passion for the topic. I’m sure he would happily welcome discussion.

    A couple of days later, Romney gave a speech on space policy. He basically said that he would put “top men” to work on it, and concluded with a tearjerking story about a Massachusetts Boy Scout troop sending an American flag to fly on the ill-fated Challenger mission. Which has precisely fuck-all to do with present-day space policy.

    It was obvious that he had zero interest or knowledge about the subject. He was just pandering to Florida voters.

    But he didn’t stop there. At the next debate, he used Newt’s moonbase proposal for a cheap laugh line. I had flames shooting out of my ears at that point.

    Mitt Romney is a phony and a charlatan. I voted for him in the 2012 general election to stop Obama, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  7. “Mitt Romney is a phony and a charlatan. I voted for him in the 2012 general election to stop Obama, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

    Willard (Romney’s first name) is a self-professed Progressive:


    Jump to the 48 second mark.

    Like you I voted for Willard because I couldn’t stand Obama. Willard would have been better. Not great…maybe not even good….just better.

    For example I don’t think Willard is a Marxist, and I think he understands business a little more having actually been involved with it.

    But yes he is a phony – at least on the campaign trail. Which, I suppose, could mean he’s lying about being a progressive but his tenure here as Gubner says otherwise.

    And that’s why we have Trump……so many GOP phonies

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