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  1. What’s the big deal? Hillary, her associates, the DOJ, the FBI, thousands of other unknown moles in various government agencies, millions of useful idiot volunteers and others did it for the children!

    Charlie Manson is looking at Hillary and thinking he really got a raw deal.

    Meanwhile, like an iceberg, Hillary’s criminal conspiracy is not even hidden.

  2. From the article, “These 113 “born classified” records included eight Top Secret emails, ten Confidential ones, and 37 Secret messages.”

    Question: Is it know how many of these originated from Ms. Clinton, vs. how many were received or possibly forwarded by her?

  3. How much of the democrat party, and the federal bureaucracy, would remain at liberty if all the conspirators were sent to jail?

  4. I wish the FBI – or someone – DID drive her away…far away….

    Hillary how can we miss you if you won’t go away?

  5. The Obama administration, with the help of the DOJ and FBI rigged the investigation into Hillary. They also spied on Trump in an effort to help Hillary and lay the grounds for a coup.

    Hillary rigged the Democrats own primary and cheated in the debates with Trump. Hillary and the DNC also organized violence at Trump events during the campaign and after, including the inauguration.

    Anyone remember the bullying campaign directed at the electoral college?

    Where was the Democracy dies in darkness crowd during all of this? Participating.

    1. Which is why we won’t see the media engage in there Def Con Trump levels of outrage over actual corruption and instead waste it on feeding koi and the Gorilla Channel.

  6. How credible is it that they continue to rig elections?

    Forget for a moment what you think of Roy Moore…

    The senate election was rigged by both democrats and republicans in collusion mostly out in the open. The voting machines were owned by Hillary democrats. A republican had the ballets destroyed before the results were confirmed. Enough votes to swing the election were deleted from write in votes in a one minute window. Felons voted. The dead voted. The military vote was originally counted (it went something like 80% to Moore.) Out of state residents were bused in and voted. Some counties had more votes than residents. One county had a highly statically unlikely (30% too high) turnout. Exit polling was wildly off which doesn’t really happen.

    The extent of the fraud is unknown and the conspirators rely on the fact that it’s now in the past. Hillary lost while cheating.

    AL is a state that would vote for any dead guy before a democrat… especially Jones.

  7. I was once a confidential informant for the FBI. Seriously, that’s true. I would never speak to an FBI agent again, under any circumstances. Not after the Hillary affair. It’s clear that they are not protecting us, and that anyone talking to them runs a tremendous personal risk that simply isn’t worth it.

    1. We are expected to believe that she is the smartest woman in the world with a razor sharp wit to deal with Russia, China, and Iran and a keen intellect that spawns policy genius but is also too stupid to know the rules regarding classified information, destroying evidence, and setting up a private server for government work.

      1. We simply need a piranha as A.G. There is a clear chain of command. With a good A.G. Not one that makes excuses for inaction like Sessions did in testimony. Trump has a severe loyalty problem. He thinks if he’s loyal to his people, they will be loyal to him. That’s how it works in business which was Trump’s training. It doesn’t work that way in politics.

        I’ll say it again. Trump should have replaced Sessions the moment he recused himself and blame it on personal differences saying nothing else (yeah, I know.)

        The new A.G. should have immediately done a deep investigation of all FBI personnel starting from the top and purged the entire organization of anyone with the slightest taint. If further investigation allows, some could be hired back but it’s not worth taking risks.

        Waiting is the mistake Trump made, all the while the media was working overtime to scare the president into inaction. Trump publicly praises his subordinates even when he’s angry with them… also from his business training. This results in contraditory messages. We all wish he didn’t do that.

    2. Not necessarily. It was claimed early on that she did not sign such a document, and also, against all the various requirements to do otherwise, neglected to attend the annual meetings reminding her of the laws regarding classified material. All of that came out during the investigation, and the FBI shrugged and decided there was nothing they could do. After all, the head of each Department was given authority by Obama to determine the rules for classified material.

      The real problem is some of that classified material wasn’t born as such under State. Rather, it came from other Departments for which she had no authority to set regulations which she violated.

      Alas, I suspect you know the document because you had a clearance or something close to it, and know like many of us that if you did anything close to what she did; you’d be sitting in prison and nobody would care what happened to you.

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