9 thoughts on “The Federal Misconduct In The Bundy Case”

  1. Yeah well, the ATF raid on David Koresh and his cult of Branch Davidians did not help. Not did the ICE raid to recover Elian Gonzalez.

    I just about wonder how long it will take the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health division to mount a SWAT team raid on a puppy mill…

    1. I wonder why this kind of thing doesn’t terrify people. Especially those who seem to be afraid of every abstract, unproven,
      imperceptible danger that is supposedly on the verge of destroying the world (e.g. global warming, nuclear power, etc.). You may not like the Bundys or Randy Weaver, statists, but a whole lot more people don’t like you. And one of these days, they might just be in a position to send you the Feds. Apparently, dislike is all it takes.

      1. Justice only applies for those that can get a mob together to chant mindless jibberish, although gobbledygook is also exceptable.

      2. It terrifies me. The over-militarization of domestic police is expressed in more commonplace venues than stand-offs with committed non-conformists like the Bundys or Weavers.

        This past year, Daniel Shaver in Mesa, AZ, and Andrew Fitch in Wichita, KS were shot like dogs for the crime of not following a blizzard of contradictory, garbled police commands in bizarre confrontations. These men were entirely innocent of any wrong-doing whatsoever, and had no reason to expect deadly force to be employed against them.

        The Bundy and Weaver situations, I can shrug off, because I am unlikely to ever face that kind of situation. Shaver and Fitch could be me. Those guys were dead the minute the ridiculously overwrought SWAT response to anonymous tipsters swung into action.

          1. The only advice I can give the gubmint is that if they send their storm troopers to my property, they should be the ones that no one likes….because not one of them will be coming back.

          2. Their troopers are just tools. Kill them all and you’ve just given them justification to send more in; meanwhile those pulling the strings are unaffected.

  2. If you ever need to identify the most intelligent cat in a bunch, use a feather toy and dust them in the face with it. Most cats will react to the feathers.

    The one that ignores the feathers but watches your hand is the smart one.

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