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  1. No doubt some brave journalist at the NYTs or Wapo will make it public, sort of along the lines of the Pentagon Papers. Wait, who am I kidding?

  2. If there is evidence matching what has been suggested is in the memo; Democrats will have to retract their opinion of the Nixon impeachment. Yeah, he covered up a crime, but Nixon was impeached for threatening to weaponize the IRS against his enemies. What has been alleged to be in this memo sounds far worse.

    If true with evidence; I have my opinions of how this should go down in terms of seeking justice. But this will mostly be a political discussion. The same issues that existed when Obama was President will continue for his legacy. Impeaching the first black President won’t sit well with a large segment of society, particularly those already inclined to believe Democrats regardless of facts and evidence.

    Facts and evidence hasn’t stopped Democrat philosophy yet.

    I think the best that will come from this is Hillary will face some problems that will make her wish people forget about her by 2020. And libertarians may finally get rid of FISA. Otherwise, it depends on the evidence. I don’t expect the media to cover this the same way they have the potential of Trump collusion with Russia. It’s not like the media has said much about the uranium deal.

      1. Fair enough, but the reason for impeachment wasn’t the cover-up (or the BJ) but his threat to use the IRS against his enemies (and lying during a trial).

        This sounds a bit worse, but I expect it to be described as anything but important by the press.

        I personally think, despite the polls moving away from support of a shutdown, that Dems might just shutdown government to make that the news for at least another week rather than have Sunday be about “Trump avoided a shutdown, now about this memo”.

    1. I believe the word you want is indicting. Impeaching is something only applicable to a serving President.

      1. Impeachment also applies to federal judges, and I believe executive positions requiring Senate confirmation. And since the penalty for conviction on impeachment includes ineligibility to hold an office of public trust, it can make sense to apply it to some persons other than a current office holder.

  3. Congress are a bunch of drama queens, so who knows what’s in the memo.

    It is suspicious that the Democrats have circled the wagons but these are the same people who employed either the Pakistani mob or government agents to run their IT network and who had no qualms about rigging their own primary.

    And as people have pointed out, why vote to reauthorize a program that was potentially abused so badly?

  4. Q anon says that Trump wasn’t the only target of FISA abuse. Q is implying that it has been going on through much of Obama’s 8 years. High levels of corruption. If half the people he mentions are actually involved, then this will easily be the worst political scandal in US history taking down D’s and R’s like McTumor.

    It will also lay waste to the MSM, which is nearly dead anyway, but there are plenty of dumb stumps like Colbert who don’t know any better.

  5. The troubling thing is that people will continue voting for dems even with just the evidence we already have. Rand has put his finger on the other troubling aspect. What the hell is Trump waiting for?

    1. One theory for the wait is that although a likely lesser issue, some of the spying on Trump did come up with something that Trump rather people not know. That’s very likely, since that is always the fear of this much surveillance. People aren’t generally choir boys, and even choir boys usually have some dark stories to tell.

      I think that may be part of it, but I also think that if everything about the memo is true; it’s good blackmail and a bargaining chip. Why play it immediately?

      I don’t know what happened Friday when Schumer went to see Trump, but I kind of thought something like this might happen:

      Trump: “I hear you are planning to shutdown the government?”

      Schumer: “Mr. President, you can avoid this by helping the DA…”

      Trump: “I’ll give on DACA, but first you will fund the wall.”

      Schumer: “but…”

      Trump: “That’s non-negotiable. Anyway, that’s not why I brought you over here. I want to read you in on this memo. These men will give you a copy, and when you are done, they’ll burn it. Don’t worry, we have other copies, and with my phone and pen; I can have them publish it. I’ll leave you now. Tell me later if these gentlemen will be able to collect more information while non-essential people are at home.”

      Alas, I firmly believe that once the memo stuff started being leaked; the Dems would definitely wanted the government shutdown, because it means at least one more news cycle that will cover the shutdown rather than the memo.

      1. If the memo is as damaging as suggested they need to just suck it up and release it. He could even make it a fireside chat sort of thing “Something every American should be aware of.”

        We’ve got to stop letting the dems get away with calling for the release of things they know can’t be released and then claiming it’s something else (whatever lie they prefer.)

        What American wants their privacy violated?

        Or they can just play the dem’s game and just leak the most damaging info.

        1. I suspect some of the delay is well meaning people wanting to protect means and methods. Based on what is speculated, I don’t think the Obama Administration cared what classified assets were used to collect the data. We may not want that used against Americans, but we likely don’t want to expose and destroy all of those systems while also facing what will be a major crisis of how our government works.

      2. If the memo had anything on Trump, that would already have been leaked by a Dem, and the Democrat Media would keep it in front of everyone to the exclusion of all else. They don’t want any part of this out, which is quite telling.

        I want to see all of it, because it doesn’t matter to me whether a D or an R is next to a perp’s name, we need to get rid of these people.

    2. Why wait?

      The Democrats and their media have been destroying their image and credibility. The endless acts of violence, the blatantly partisan petty reporting, constantly getting stories wrong, calling all the white people sub human devils, and on and on.

      They have worked themselves up into a frenzy of mass delusion where they literally exist in an alternate reality. But the crazier they get, the more people get red pilled.

      The media has been complicit in the corruption of the Democrat party. When the corruption of the Obama administration, Hillary, the DNC, and the press are all laid bare, what will happen?

      Remember when Trump said that Obama taped his wires? Everyone said Trump was an idiot and had no proof. He has access to everything the IC did under Obama. Everything where the evidence wasn’t destroyed that is.

      1. A bird in the hand is still worth more than in the bush. Play multi-dimensional chess long enough and the game will be over before any gotcha move is ever payed. Lift off and nuke them from orbit. Swing the hammer now, forever and until yer arm falls off. No mercy. No benefit of the doubt. Unrelenting.

        Where’s that terminator theme when ya need it? [da-dut da-dut]

        The dems have no mercy. They feel no pain. They will not stop.Ever! Listen to Kyle Reece! They will not turn into the good guys in the next episode (but will always try to make you believe it.)

  6. At this point Sat morning, Byron York reports that over 100 congressmen have visited the secure area and have read the memo. I think the memo will be leaked by Congress and not the Executive branch. Rumor is that second paragraph on second page is the kill shot.

    1. What is rumored to be on it other than a report of the FBI describing Christopher Steele as “reliable F.B.I. source who had previously provided information about corruption in FIFA” instead of a “Democratic-funded investigator” when using information supplied by him along with other information when applying for a FISA warrant against Carter Page?

      1. Maybe there is stuff in it about the wide spread use of unmasking and/or how the intent was to reverse target rather than listen to foreigners. The Obama admin was so corrupt, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many degrees of separation between someone who talked to a foreigner and whose communications were collected.

        It could be like John Doe in WI where if someone talked to a Republican, their communications were seized.

  7. After 8 years of Obama I doubt there are any assets that have not already been compromised. My opinion is they should be rebuilding assets from the ground up through a normal attrition process.

    I’m wondering when the bomb on DWS will happen?

  8. It is now thought that Q essentially listed the contents of the “memo” in previous posts. Following is summary what others have pieced together from those posts.

    The memo covers one of 22 ongoing investigations at DOJ. The first one is the investigation of the DNC breach/dossier. DNC was breached by Seth Rich, stagger at DNC who sent the data to Wikileaks. Obama (who was getting daily briefings), James Clapper DNI and the CIA John O. Brennan found out about Seth Rich. Twelve unnamed people involved.

    Google funded Crowdstrike with $100 Million (Google is CIA). Brennan/Clapper used Crowdstrike through Google to find the leaker. DNC finds out Seth Rich is the leaker. An example is made of Seth Rich (per John Podesta’s leaked emails). Seth Rich is murdered by two MS13 gang members, who are then in turn killed. Debbie Wasserman Shultz shuts down the investigation into Seth Rich earlier in 2016.

    FBI and DOG assist in covering up the Seth Rich investigation. The “insurance” reference could either be Weiner’s laptop or Strzok’s text and meeting with Andy McCabe.

    Rothschilds, Soros and Saudi’s (pre-MBS purge) are involved as are Obama, HRC, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok. All conspired to create the dossier with support from Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff.

    British intelligence used to get Russian dirt for dossier. HRC’s campaign paid for the Dossier as well as the DNC and four unspecified Senators.. Dossier paid for through Fusion GPS, who pays Christopher Steele for the dossier. Russia gives the dirt to Steele, who relays to Eric Holder.

    Nine other unnamed people involved in the dossier. John McCain and Chuck Schumer were two senators shopping the dossier to the MSM so as to either prevent Trump’s election or, failing that, set up an impeachment on faked dossier. In either case it allowed for FISA approval for the sitting presidential party to wiretap the opposing candidate for president (Watergate level corruption). Once Trump was elected, they switched to faking evidence to impeach a sitting president.

  9. The more Americans learn about the Russia-Trump collusion theory, the more it seems that the entire story was cooked up by that Democrat-funded opposition research. None of the substantive allegations in the infamous Steele dossier have been independently verified.

    Cooked up? What ever could that possibly mean?

    Joy Behar should be the lead on this revelation (which has been known for some time now.) After spending millions of dollars on a corrupt witch hunt, what will be the penalty? Penalty/ There’s a laugh for ya.

    1. There was one thing verified. Carter Page went to Russia.

      That one small thing is spun by the media as, “Parts of the dossier are true while the rest hasn’t been proved true yet.”

      The media’s role in this is just as, if not more, corrupt than the “Intelligence” Community, the Democrats party, and the Obama administration.

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