5 thoughts on “Falcon Heavy Launch Reporting”

  1. Things nobody wanted to even hear just after a Shuttle launch:

    Once it finally disappears, the three of us grab all our camera equipment and race to the edge of the field to get a better view of the landings.

  2. This is slightly OT, but maybe the sort of thing Loren Grush would find interesting too: Why did the battery powering and broadcasting the cameras on the Tesla Roadster die after just 12 hours? Was the standard battery from the car not available? (I saw speculation in car magazine that it had been removed before launch.) Thanks.

    1. The broadcast was powered by the FH upper stage, not the car. The car batteries had presumably been removed. (probably a hazard after a while in vacuum)

  3. Thank you! (Adding padding so that my comment goes through: the car magazine suggested that if FH exploded while in the atmosphere, the lithium in the batteries would pose an environmental hazard, but I was skeptical. If anyone has anything to add about the car’s battery and its suitability for launch, I’d be interested. Thanks again Lars.)

    1. Lithium is not notably toxic. After all, the best drug for bipolar disorder is lithium carbonate (about 1 gram/day).

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