7 thoughts on “I Hope So”

  1. Quite the rogues gallery. Throw in James “Perjury” Clapper. Of course he could “say” he was unaware of NSA snooping on US private citizen’s e-communications if he ordered his subordinates not to tell him….

    Funny thing, it was in testimony he gave to Congress in direct answer to a question from DEMOCRAT Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon….

    So which is it Mr. Clapper? Perjury or incompetence?

  2. In addition to being a partisan scumbag, he also appears to be a closet Commie. So of course Obama put him in charge of the CIA.

    1. Its amazing how many people in the Obama administration got jobs and top secret clearances who never would have received either under any other administration Republican or Democrat before Obama.

      Our media has been freaking out for almost two weeks about someone in the Trump campaign hitting his wife fifteen years ago but they didn’t even bother covering the pasts of Obama officials relating to actual job qualifications that should have precluded them from working for a President.

  3. Also looks like Susan Rice is getting ready for the hot seat again. And if her “note to self” is accurate; Comey may need to explain his omission to Congress about his meeting with Obama.

    I like that I’m starting to hear opinion pieces, like VDH, pointing out that Republicans can’t just let this go. That’s what happened when Hillary was let go for mishandling classified information. We all knew the fix was in, and Comey delivered it. We now know how long that fix was in. I could have lived with Hillary simply being rejected as unfit for POTUS. But they didn’t stop. Republicans need to fight for justice this time. It will be the only way to restore the respect of government without a war to change it.

  4. I could have lived with Hillary simply being rejected as unfit for POTUS

    Just after the election, I was in favor of just dropping all the investigations into Dem malfeasance and “moving on”, because I thought St.Hillary! would do the right thing, and go away. No reason to behave like a Progressive and be a “lousy winner.”

    Her! behavior and that of the Progressive Left has changed my mind. These people are insisting that we pay attention to what they did, and we should oblige them.

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