14 thoughts on “The Left”

  1. Little miss Korean tyrants sister is the icon of the day. OTOH, she probably is more of a woman’s right advocate than Hillary?

  2. I saw LARPing used the other day and didn’t know what it was. Now I do.

    Sarah’s article goes well with Jordan Peterson’s book.

  3. Maybe off topic, but at a science fiction convention I once ran into Trekkies who wore ST:TNG uniforms. (Larpers before larping was cool?) I noticed them is a room dedicated to Wicca.

    I’ve always tried to wrap my head around a group of space explorers dedicated to worshiping Mother Earth. Would each planet be a different temple?

  4. If the left media complex truly thought Trump was a Tyrant, they would be killing each other for an opportunity to lick his boots.

  5. On the right, slavering beneath Vladimir Putin. Keep believing we won’t resist if it makes you sleep better at night.

    1. Dave, could you please name someone “on the right” (by which I guess you mean, using the usual a-historical sense of the term, “pro-freedom” who is “slavering beneath Vladimir Putin”? And provide some actual evidence that he/she does? And would it be slavering the way “the left” have slavered beneath such sterling characters as Stalin, Ho, Mao, Fidel and Che?

  6. What helps me sleep at night is thinking of how Agustin Pinochet solved the problem of ‘resistance’! It will still work today.

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