Climate And Libel

Some thoughts on Michael Mann, the lawsuits, and the sad state of climate science, from Judith Curry.

[Update a couple minutes later]

8 thoughts on “Climate And Libel”

  1. Many reputable scientists have resigned from the AAAS over the subject of Climatology. This doesn’t help.

  2. At what point do we start charging these people with treason? Actions against a nation at the behest of outside influences must be illegal. Here in Canada we are seeing it daily – something like 90+ percent of the anti-oil funding is coming from American foundations like Tides, HP & similar. The actions of their local ‘environmentalist’ lackeys are almost entirely driven by external funding.

    Likewise with climate, the potential economic damage done by the globalist’s falsely founded climate initiatives could be considered an act of war.

    Maybe we don’t have a legal case that would stand up but just bringing the word into play would help raise awareness.

    1. Sorry, but charging people with treason isn’t appropriate. A solid defense in the courts against their libel suits, followed by aggressive, wide area law-suits against those who file such nuisance suits, would be more than appropriate. Sue the s**t out of them, and never, ever stop.

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