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    1. How can women ever be accepted in STEM fields if the leftist feminist media doesn’t allow them to exist or have any desires to do things in space? The scary thing is that the author works at Stanford and that women in STEM fields at Stanford have to be indoctrinated with this anti-human ideology.

      While totally crazy and unhinged, the author does show that messaging matters in persuading the pathologically insane. When Musk says species survival means being on more than one planet, the leftists think that means we wont focus on solving problems on Earth or that we will all die in a climate apocalypse. For them, there is no knowledge of threats other than AGW apocalypse and capitalism. This is why they want to control how people spend their money pursuing their interests and fail to see how diverse technological development leads to serendipitous discoveries and innovations in unrelated fields.

      Bezos is the only one who is getting the messaging right. His statements always revolve around humans getting off the planet helps solve problems for humanity and Earth. Unfortunately for him, he is dealing with a scientific elite and thought leaders in print and visual media steeped in socialism and dystopia.

      1. “I’m surprised she hasn’t changed her name, because it literally means “white”.”

        I totally agree. Let’s see… Ah! “Elizabeth.” Yeah, that sounds nice: Elizabeth Bianco.

  1. More than a Space Guard we need the equivalent of Space “Seebees”. Where will they come from and who will train them? NASA possesses a good deal of infrastructure to do this, but will the trainees come from government / military or private industry? I could see an off shoot of the military providing the people for this work but likely the first group will come from contractors amid the current players (SpaceX, ULA) hired to build specific structures in space for one of NASA / NSF or NRO.

      1. What do you see them doing?

        Building out a large array telescope. Attaching together Bigelow modules and structures to them. Attaching all manner of objects to all those robotically assembled trusses described in the article.

        1. Hmm, there are companies that train astronauts, do they train in construction and space walks?

          I hope the companies funding the projects will provide the workers or that private firms that specialize in these activities will exist.

    1. “More than a Space Guard we need the equivalent of Space “Seebees”. Where will they come from and who will train them?”

      Just as the first astronauts were drawn from the existing pool of experienced aviators, I imagine that the first real “construction workers” in space will come from the ranks of commercial offshore saturation divers supporting the oil and gas industries. They work in similarly dangerous environments, live in the confined space of a compression chamber for up to 28 days at a time while on a job, and it takes them several days or more of decompression before they can safely return to surface ambient pressure.

      Kind of like in the movie “Armageddon” but with divers instead of drillers.

      “first group will come from contractors amid the current players (SpaceX, ULA)”

      I think companies like Oceaneering are already well suited to provide this capability.

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