8 thoughts on “Facebook And Snopes”

  1. The only thing I use Facebook for is a convenient way to keep up with friends and family. It is not and has never been a place that interested me for news or commerce of any kind. As long as they don’t censor my status updates, or prevent me from contacting anyone on my list of contacts, I will continue to uses them for that and only that purpose.

    1. Agree. There are many people I knew and spent time with daily for years, but now see maybe once a year or two. Facebook is great for keeping track and communicating with them. In terms of news, if it doesn’t involve one of those people directly, then I don’t read it.

  2. “Arkancide” has been a known cause of death for at least 30 years now. It goes all the way back before Bill was the President. As a resident of the State, I can say that I’ve seen it happen, over and over.

    You cross the Clinton Machine at your own risk.

    Just saying…..

  3. Remember Wilbur Mills? I still have a copy of Annabella Batistella’s autobiography, with a section of appealingly naughty photos. She’s more usually remembered as Fannie Fox.

  4. This just won’t end well for Facebook, or for YouTube. I just cancelled my subscription with YouTube. I still will visit YouTube for access to some content providers, but their censoring of other content providers based on mob complaints is pathetic.

    The responding to mob plan reminds me of the previous attempts to make AI robots to communicate which quickly devolved into cursing and sexual content.

    1. I’ve been running an ad blocker since October 2016, in direct response to offensive lying ads youtube was running at the time. I figure they can do without ad revenue from my activity.

  5. I sort of miss the days when Comrade Jim used to link Snopes articles as if they were the definitive Truth.

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