Sarah Rumpf had a little tweetstorm the other day, and I largely agree with her. I continue to be happy she lost, and happy with many of the policy outcomes, but that doesn’t mean that I have to abandon my principles just because the clown in the White House apparently has none.

[Update a few minutes later]

Hillary Clinton, the woman in the high castle.

11 thoughts on “#NeverTrump”

  1. The Never Trumpers are going on about principles when the barbarians have breached the gates, and surrounded the keep. They heap scorn on those who have realized this is a street fight, and dumped the Marquess of Queensbury rules, even as the battering rams pound on the door.

    It is said that conservatives long for a past that never was, while liberals pine for a future that will never be.The stunning naivete of the Never Trumpers will lead to their ultimate demise.

  2. I find that Trump frequently says stupid things, but only infrequently does stupid things. I can live with that. If he actually starts a trade war, that will be an exceptionally stupid thing that would cause me to rethink my satisfaction.

    1. “Trolling liberals with outrageous statements” isn’t exactly 27-dimensional chess, but it does an excellent job of rocking liberals and NeverTrumpers on their heels.

      I’m not happy at all with his comments about gun confiscation and due process last week–but I assume that was likely not more than inartful speech, rather than an attempt to betray the people who voted him into office, or 27-d chess. (It might be regular chess, played against people who are playing checkers, though.)

      The whole thing is very similar to 0bama’s “stray voltage”.

  3. Enjoy whatever principles you hold and pronounce them proudly. But I believe in winning the war, even asymmetrically. And if Trump’s tariffs bother you, take away his rights to do it without Senate approval. Don’t pass TPA on principle, and then bitch when Obama uses it to pay off Iran and Trump uses it to create tariffs.

    To that extent, Chief Justice Roberts was correct; if you don’t like the law, don’t fight it in the courts; change the damn law. The Constitution doesn’t give either Obama or Trump the right to do what they did or are doing. Congress just abdicated their rights to the Executive.

    Trump has never served in Congress, and for that reason, I think NeverTrumpers are a bit misguided. It was a mix of Clinton, W, and Obama with “conservative” majorities in Congress and the short lived Democrat run Congress that passed and signed laws that gave the Executive Branch ever more power to regulate while Congress did less legislation.

  4. And, there are some that Never Trumpers who have so lost their minds that they are dead to me now. William Kristol and Jennifer Rubin come immediately to mind. Horrible people, they are.

    1. Yes, many #NeverTrump actually have no ethics or ideals, just like the journolist class that creates the fake news that the #NeverTrump eat like ice cream.

  5. I remember when Trump was running for the nomination. It was then that I discovered the hard-core “Trumpkins”–the Cousin Eddies of the Right. I innocently posted online somewhere that I would prefer a presidential candidate holding more consistently pro-freedom principles; and I was told that holding on to principles, especially pro-freedom principles, was obsolete and kind of stupid, and that I was probably a libertarian sissy-boy. (They were right about that last part, by the way.). I never could find out which principles they wanted me to jettison.

    1. I innocently posted online somewhere that I would prefer a presidential candidate

      Everyone has preferences but when the race is down to two, you have to make a choice between what is available. Trump wasn’t my first choice but I don’t regret voting for him. He was closer to the freedom end of the spectrum than the credible alternatives and his record in office backs it up.

      Unlike Sarah Rumpf, I haven’t decided how I am going to vote in the next election. When we get a little closer, I will reflect on his record and the credible opponents. But it looks like the Democrats are taking a hard turn toward tyranny, so there may not be much of a choice.

      1. but I don’t regret voting for him.

        Yep. Unlike all those Clinton supporters who deeply regret… not voting at all.

  6. Saul Alinsky has a new generation of acolytes in the Trumplicans who attack the Never Trumpers and Trump-skeptical.

    I’m pretty sure the #NeverTrump were the ones that started with the attacking, often in contradiction of their professed “principles.” It is also one thing when randoms on the internet call people names and another when the professional commentating class engages in endless insults. #NeverTrump picked their own name but they also have an endless list of Trumpalos, Trumplicants, Trumpets, ect.

    What to persuade people enough that they might listen to your POV on an issue? Don’t lead off with insults and don’t sensationally slant your writing so far away from objective reality. All of them need to get out of the Twitter bubble.

  7. NeverTrump is dumb.
    I can understand not liking Trump.
    But I don’t think one should like politicans- it’s a bad habit.
    I was never a NeverTrump but I was never very excited about the choices. Perhaps if
    I was very fond of one of them could have made the mistake of becoming a NeverTrump.
    One thing I knew was that Trump wasn’t a Lefty.
    So Trump won the primary and choice was him or her. And that seemed like an easy
    choice. You pick the lessor of two evils.
    And it seems Trump is doing better than I thought he would or so far he doing
    surprisingly well.
    I don’t think we will start a trade war and I tend to think we have been in one.
    But were a trade war to begin, it might a good thing. I think the US has a huge advantage
    in any trade war and I don’t have a huge amount of sympathy for those who going lose that
    trade war.

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