8 thoughts on “You Failed Hillary, America”

  1. There’s a “Hillary Rodham Clinton Award”? Really? In what–“Best Lying”? “Most Statist Candidate”? “Cankles of the Year”?

  2. There was a time our media would have taken umbrage with prominent Americans saying things like this on foreign soil. Do Democrats really believe that everyone between LA and NYC are KKK members who want to keep women as slaves? Maybe they could use the magic of the internet to speak with other people and confront their cherished stereotypes.

    Media still silent on Hillary’s inability to navigate stairs. We really dodged a bullet there. Just imagine, we could have had a President Kaine. What job would he have given his ANTIFA son?

    1. In the meantime, people should be publicly asking prominent Democrats if they endorse her comments.

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