The Warning From Elon At SXSW

The first Mars visitors will probably die. Of course, we’re all going to die somewhere.

As I note in the book, it’s very unlikely that the Shackleton ad was real. If it had been published in a London broadsheet, it would have been spelled “honour.”

[Update a couple minutes later]

And per usual, a lot of ignorance and stupidity in comments over there.

5 thoughts on “The Warning From Elon At SXSW”

  1. Most of the criticism about Musk comes from his ventures other than SpaceX and it looks like that FH debut had a beneficial impact on a lot of people.

    A lot of people will respond to a rational presentation of what is going on with SpaceX vs their traditional government contractor competition but those who want to argue need a little jujitsu applied rather than just insults.

  2. Just putting this in the right one .
    “The comments over there could be a case study on cognitive dissonance.”

  3. “As I note in the book, it’s very unlikely that the Shackleton ad was real.”

    To paraphrase the most exalted journalistic mind ever to grace the airwaves, the ad is fake, but accurate.

  4. Wow, imagine that. Getting on a flying object, at the infancy of its design concept (flight to Mars, not rockets), and the probability that the designers and builders maybe got something wrong – Say it’s not so….

  5. The prospect of the first humans to Mars dying doesn’t discourage me. What haunts me is the fear that they might never be born.

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