7 thoughts on “Those Times The Media Didn’t Ask Obama To Resign”

    1. Yea and Trump had great respect for that AG and I bet wishes he had him on his side and as his AG…..
      Dunno color me unimpressed with the article you could come out with a similar list for the last 5 presidents. And most likely going back to Nixon, though be tough to get a lengthy list for the 1 termers Carter and HW Bush. Though sure the leftys and the right wing conspiracist can come up with a few for HW. Overall Whataboutism is just unseemly.

  1. I think the Media enthusiasm to see Trump gone has more to do with Trump being Trump that Trump being Republican.

    1. It is because he is a Republican. Had any other Republican won, they would have been treated the exact same way. Violent protests, government worker sabotage, an activist media, and inflammatory bigoted rhetoric from the Democrats are not responses to Trump, it is just how the Democrats always are.

      This is why it is so disappointing to see so many NeverTrumpers fall for the game. They are all old enough to see how its been played over the decades and they should realize that they aren’t the “good Republicans”. The media and the cultural elite would turn on them in a second and treat them exactly like Trump.

      Democrats view themselves as holy warriors against “things” and for that to work, they need to have people for “things” they are against. This means they ignore everything about what the other thinks and instead project onto them all of the stereotypes that Democrats have for them to justify their crusade.

      TLDR: Democrats believe they fight evil. They believe anyone who isn’t a Democrat supports evil. Anyone who isn’t a Democrat will always be portrayed as evil, no matter what their actual views are and no matter who they are. That is how in/out group identity politics works.

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