2 thoughts on “Trump And The Foreign-Policy Swamp”

  1. It had to me, the deep state has an agenda and careers are at stake.

    I also question the wisdom of #Resist, were you value politics over polity. Trump may be the vulgarian in chief, but he needs our help for our own sake, until we can say “you’re fired”. And to Trump’s credit, time and time again he has been asking for help.

    I keep feeling parallels with Trump and Reagan’s first term in office. Go back and read what Art Buchwald had to say about Reagan in his first term.

  2. It is suspicious that our DNC media is always trying to create problems between Russia and the USA by demanding Trump insult and only offer insult to Putin. But when Trump is tough on Russia, the DNC media turns around and attacks him for it. He needs to just stick to what he wants and ignore the media. Their interests are not his, or our country’s, interests.

    I don’t buy the line Trump was tricked into the last missile attack in Syria. It looks like Trump is fine with flexing on Russia. He even allowed our troops the freedom to destroy Russian forces attacking our allies. It shows credibility on red lines and strengthens diplomatic efforts.

    Does anyone really think we need to overthrow Assad and go to war with Russia and Iran over Syria? Notice the people pushing this don’t think war is an option to stop Iran getting nukes but it is in Syria over what exactly? The only American interests there are stopping ISIS and protecting the Kurds. ISIS is on the way out but solving the Kurdish issue is our major challenge.

    We could just declare Kurdish territory their own country and plop down a military base. Russia, Iran, and Syria wouldn’t do anything. The country that would do something is Turkey, our supposed allies. The DNC media doesn’t talk about that since Obama was so cool with Turkey turning into a caliphate and noting the problem with an Islamist country would run counter to their narrative.

    If we really wanted to make Putin squirm, we would launch a Manhattan Project to defeat Russian air defenses, e.g. via drone swarms.

    They are already defeated. The USA and our allies can penetrate them at will. Declaring a Kurdistan would make Russia squirm because they know they couldn’t do anything about it if we treated the Kurds as allies. It would also make Turkey squirm but unless we grant protection to the Kurds, Turkey would just genocide them.

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