Candace Owens

Now I understand why Obama thought that Kanye West was “a jackass.” It’s because he doesn’t march in lockstep with the Left and the grievance industry.

[Monday-morning update]

On the other hand, Cathy Young isn’t impressed with Candace (to say the least).

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  1. This the same Kanye West who became uber-famous when in 2005 he ranted and bloviated on national TV that “George Bush hates black people”. It was during a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina relief, and he was standing next to Mike “Wayne’s World” Meyers, who looked like he’d rather be on fire than standing next to him.

      1. He is super wealthy and from the rap and entertainment industry. Its doubtful he knows much about people outside of his social sphere that isn’t based on stereotypes the Democrats have been inculcating for the last 40 years.

        It could very well be the first time he was exposed to a conservative POV was through the transgender father of his wife.

  2. I don’t think grifter is a fair attack but it certainly wasn’t a good idea to create a database of people who said something you don’t like. She is a young lady going through an ideological shift, it isn’t surprising that everything she does is the best decision. Should be noted that this project was started before her change in political ideology. In other words, she was just doing what other SJW do while she was a SJW.

    Criticism over the project are valid but also shouldn’t be treated as a current event. The controversy was years ago and while an interesting footnote, shouldn’t define a person without corroboration from current events.

    If commentating on politics makes someone a grifter who should be looked down on and ignored, what does that say about Cathy Young or anyone else?

    People change and RPB may change again but is there something she says that people like Young disagree with?

    There has to be more than, “This person did something I disliked once and so every single thing they ever do is automatically illegitimate.”

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