3 thoughts on “The House IT Scandal”

  1. Oh come on Rand, the really big news is that Trump’s lawyer might, technically, be guilty of making a $140,000 contribution to Trump’s campaign (the Stormy Daniels NDA).

    Surely, Hillary’s money laundering scheme is nothing compared to that, because 140K is a lot more money than 84 million.

    /Democrat mode.

  2. So the problem is twofold,

    1) The state party didn’t file their paperwork
    2) Not enough time elapsed between the state party receiving the money and turning it over to properly exhibit control.

    So if the exact same thing happen if say the paperwork was filed and a week took place between receiving the money and passing it on, there would be no complaints (or scandal) about the process?

    And I have a bridge you can buy in Brooklyn.

    Also the fact that only the DNC was focused on and not the RNC also smells. I find it hard to believe that the RNC did not have the exact same issue given the two have parallel organizational structures.

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