2 thoughts on “Juanita Broaddrick”

  1. Trump is as bad as Clinton? Where’s the evidence? Even in his TMZ tape, all he said was “You could grab women” etc. Not “I did grab women…” Believe it or not, I had “groupies” back in the 1990s, and Trump’s statement was very accurate. And, no, never did I once violate my marriage vows.

    1. Trump’s comments on the Access Hollywood tape boil down to “groupies put out”.

      It’s crude but as Michael says, it’s true, and that’s pretty well-known.

      Of course, the same people who say he’s as bad as Clinton also call him a racist, ignoring, among other things, the videos of Jesse Jackson praising him, and the video of him at a press conference spontaneously giving a black woman a job, etc.

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