5 thoughts on “Simone Giertz”

  1. There is a GoFundMe website up to cover her medical expenses.
    Rand it’s your blog, I’ll let you decide if you want to post the link.
    It’s easily found by doing a named search on the GoFundMe website.


      1. Nor do I. But it would be a damned shame and near criminal (and I mean that literally) if they aren’t.

        …and I have a policy when it comes to publishing fundraising links on somebody else’s blog. I can make it known they exist but it is up to the blog owner to decide if they should be published.

        I’ve seen just a handful of her videos. Bad things happen to young people. The older I get the more unjust it seems.

  2. This is the lady who used social media to bully Makita into firing their spokesmodels. One of whom had her own gofundme (unmet goal) set up for vet bills. Well, nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I have enjoyed her youtube channel and she seems like a nice person.

    We are the best we have ever been at beating cancer but it is little solace when you get it. I hope that she has a successful treatment, a speedy recovery, and that social media can be put to a good use in helping her pay for it all. Paying bills should makes things slightly less stressful but it certainly isn’t the hard part. She is blessed to have a loving family to help her through this.

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