5 thoughts on ““He Wants To Go To Mars, Dammit””

  1. How To Make a Small Fortune On Mars

    Step 1: Start with a large fortune.

    Sorry I probably won’t be able see Ken’s reaction… But I know what he thinks already.

    1. Most likely true regarding Mars, but it is interesting that Mr. Musk has turned the old adage of how to make a small fortune in the rocket business on its head. Unlike some of the other “Rocket Billionaires”, Mr. Musk started as “only” a multi-millionaire, and turned a small fortune (couple hundred million) into a large fortune (~ ten billion).

  2. SpaceX has been successful in large part due to customers paying for launch by launch iterations and testing. Will they be able to replicate this with BFR?

      1. I was hoping for a more nuanced answer =p

        Since they have mastered landing, they need not expend their test vehicles. But still, there will be changes to design and production. How perfect will the BFR be before it is launched as a product? Will they need to iterate the design after it hits the market?

        They already have a revenue stream so that pressure isn’t there and I am sure companies will have the same tolerance for testing that they do now, no one cares as long as their payload gets to where it needs to be.

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