Blog Issue

Is anyone out there seeing the mobile site from their desktop?

[Update early evening]

Reading comments, this seems like a WordPress problem (or a problem with the mobile site add-on). Have no idea what I could do about it, except to disable it.

[Late-evening update]

OK, seems to be a problem that occurs “at random,” according to comments. I have not idea how to fix that…

[Thursday-morning update]

I just did a WordPress update a few days ago. It may be that I need to update some plug ins as well. I’ll give it a try sometime today.

24 thoughts on “Blog Issue”

  1. Yes, I was before now. But only the most recent page. Going back one page prior brought up the regular format.

  2. Earlier today I did. Usually when that happens a page refresh corrects the problem but not today. The site seems to working correctly now.

  3. Rand;

    Nope. Chrome on Win 10 (at home) Chrome on Win 7 (at work). Normal desktop rendering for both..


    1. Oops. I’m pretty good at this stuff, so I did it absent mindedly, but I saved my bookmark with the right tag to get desktop mode. That’s why I’m fine now.

  4. I’ve had that happen a few times during the past week. Looks fine now, though.

    1. Same for me. Three or four days ago the main page was fine but opening an individual post in a separate tab showed the phone format. Yesterday and today everything is once again fine.

  5. Having that problem on my chromebook. I’ve previously had the same problem viewing wordpress sites when running firefox on linux.

  6. Yep, it’s done that occasionally to me for years now. Usually a hard refresh fixes it, but not today. Oddly, earlier today the main page would be mobile but clicking through to an article or comments would be desktop. But right now, the main page is desktop, but articles and comments are mobile.

  7. Today, not until I started to leave this comment.

    Yesterday, yes.

    Chrome 66.0.3359.139 Windows 7

  8. PS: Could there be any problem in the world worse than having to read your mobile site on my desktop?

    I mean, come on, man!

    PPS: The mobile site issue is not present for this comment.


  9. I use Firefox 59 on Windows 10, and the left column covers up about 20% of the content.

  10. Oddly, I just accessed the desktop version on my Android tablet, and this and the subsequent post aren’t showing up on the front page. I had to load the mobile version to post this comment.

  11. I’ve had this happen in the past, but not in the… last 6 months? Firefox on Android.

    A different problem I’m having is that usually I do not get links for replies to individual comments. Sometimes I do, usually when I first load a blog post.

  12. Yes I’m getting the mobile format on Mozilla under Windows 7 on my PC now. It’s been that way for several weeks. I can override using the link at the bottom to restore the “desktop” version.

    Funny thing is that I do that on my smartphone as well. I just prefer the desktop version.

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