One thought on “Iran”

  1. The former administration’s policies “empowered Russia and Iran, produced ISIS, strengthened al-Qaeda and created the refugee crisis which became a strategic threat to Europe,” according to one analyst from the BBC.

    All those chuckleheads telling us that Hillary was some kind of foreign policy savant conveniently overlook this. The media couldn’t even bring itself to report on anything in context over there much less criticize the Obama administration playing the dominant role in creating the climate.

    Had their been slave markets in Iraq or the mass capture and sale of women into sex slavery under a Republican President, we would still be hearing about decades from now.

    How many people has to die, become slaves, and be displaced from their homes just because Obama thought Islamists were pretty OK, that Russia needed appeasing for our sins in the Cold War (Red Scare), and wanted to get a deal that enables Iran to get nukes?

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