7 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh”

  1. Maybe he is trying to bring the GOPe back to the fold.

    Watching the Democrats meltdown theatre will be exciting but I hope they don’t murder or hospitalize anyone.

    1. A year late on hospitalizing anyone, that’s been done.

      BTW, does anyone know the motive of the Las Vegas shooter. Seems the top notch FBI took over that case, like they did the Orlando shooting, and don’t seem to know the motives, or manage to convict any accomplices.

      1. I haven’t seen anything reliable and the people most interested in following the case make me suspicious. Strange we don’t know more about what took place though.

      2. So far I haven’t seen anything conclusive inconsistent with the basic “incompetent or hamstrung law enforcement botches the before and during, goes into cover-up mode after” scenario. Which is enough to demand walking papers for the people involved.

  2. This entire episode was the single biggest reason I voted for Trump.

    The fact that we get him putting in Justices to the Supreme Court, Federal level courts, etc. is going to ensure the US can’t shift too far to the looney left.

  3. I am guarded about Kavanaugh. His Obamacare thoughts are disturbing.

    But his Heller thoughts are encouraging.

    After experiences with guys like Souter, I am wary. I was wary of Gorsuch because I knew nothing about him. But s far he’s doing fine.

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