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    1. Canola is portaged down the Mackenzie River in birchbark canoes, to the Arctic ocean….thence via square rigger to processing plants.

      1. No, they don’t ship it as seed, it is an oil crop.

        It is shipped in kiln-fired clay amphora, loaded into the hulls of boats propelled by both sail and oar.

        This is known from wrecks in the St Lawrence located by divers.

  1. Unpossible! The ancients did not leave us the technology for railroads and like sand on a beach, humanity’s ability to make such machines has been lost….if only it were a Saturn-V!

    And roads? WTH? Did the Romans leave us a tablet?

    If only we had a ‘mechanical’ engineer opining on the topic!

  2. “We don’t have the railroads and roads to get food from that area to where we need it around the world,” Nye added.

    It should read “won’t” not “don’t” because the environmentalists will do everything possible to prevent them from being built.

    Nye should consider that people are against doing away with fossil fuels because they know how important petroleum products are to modern life and doing stupid things like raising food to eat.

  3. The Canadian Pacific railroad was finished in 1885. There are currently over 20000 km of track in the CPR. Adding in the Canadian National railroads and other rail companies, there are nearly 50000 km (30 thousand miles) of railways in Canada.

    Of course, those railroads are all hauling oil, because we can’t get any pipelines built.

  4. Under the hypothesis, not every place warms equally. It is weighted heavily toward colder places warming. The higher latitudes get warmer, the nights get warmer. It’s not so much higher highs as it is higher lows.

    So, basically, Canada would grow more, but the lower latitudes do not grow less. It is greater bounty overall.

    This is similar to all the scaremongering over “extreme weather”. Weather is driven by temperature differentials, not absolute temperature. As temperatures even out, extreme weather should diminish, not increase.

    It’s all just high pressure sales technique to push a social agenda.

    1. So, basically, Canada would grow more, but the lower latitudes do not grow less. It is greater bounty overall.

      Yup. The mix of crops would change but this has always been natural. In the past nature had to find away for plants and animals to move but now humans would do a lot of the work.

      Too bad we all going to die in firestorms, drown in a dessert, or freeze to death.

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