Egypt And The Media

The media is basically AWOL:

Suppose knowing in 1932, months ahead of time, that the Nazi Party would dominate Germany’s government or that the Bolsheviks would gain power in Russia. How about knowing in early 1978 that Iran was going to have an Islamist revolution led by the kind of people who would take hostage the entire U.S. embassy staff and seek to spread anti-American revolution and terrorism throughout the region? Might that have sparked some discussion and action?

The Brotherhood is a radical Islamist group that supports genocide against Israel and violence against the United States. It is anti-Christian and wants to keep women as second-class people. It favors killing homosexuals. Here is Egypt’s foremost politician predicting that they will be to a large extent in control of the country, making its laws, and writing its constitution.

But that doesn’t fit the happy narrative of the “Arab Spring.”

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