Hyphens Can Be Your Friend

or your enemy. I’m fairly fastidious about this (as I am with apostrophes), and I no doubt annoy many people whose stuff I edit. As the piece points out, the purpose of a hyphen is to disambiguate adjectives, so you can tell for sure what is modifying what. For instance, “a light red fox” could be an underweight red fox, but “light-red fox” indicates that it is a fox (of indeterminate subspecies) that is light red in color. The exception is if the first word is an adverb, such as “lightly colored fox,” in which case the hyphen and connection of the two words is implicit.

That is all.

The Republican Space Policy Debate

The topic of space actually came up in the Republican debate this evening. Jeff Foust has the story. It just demonstrates how unimportant the subject is, that no one on the panel other than Newt really knew anything about it. And what little they do know is undoubtedly wrong, given the abysmal media coverage of the topic for the last year and a half (if not forever).

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!