They’re Not Elite

They’re just wrong:

Saying the Berlin Wall fell when the world “stood as one” is na?ve and delusional. Thinking a man will be a great leader because of one speech, two books, and the crease in his pants is a sign of poor judgment.

Ignoring mass protests, plunging polls, and three huge shocks at the polls is willful stupidity. Thinking one can pass a bill that impacts everyone against the will of most of country without courting a backlash is nothing short of inane.

When this backlash occurs, it is dense beyond words to claim that this stems from a fear of “the other” (meaning non-whites and immigrants) while these rebels strive to elect blacks to the House in South Carolina and Florida, Hispanics to the Senate in Florida, Hispanics to the governors’ mansions in New Mexico and Nevada, and to elect the daughter of Indian immigrants to the state house in South Carolina, home of secession and massive resistance, where the far right gave twice as many votes to black conservative Tim Scott as to one of Strom Thurmond’s sons.

There are words to describe this, but “bright” is not one of them. This meritocracy has created an “elite” without merit. In everyone’s eyes but its own.

Some things are so stupid that only an “intellectual” could believe them.


“No company on the face of the planet knows more about these expandable habitats than we do.” 185,000 square foot expansion of facilities in North Vegas for production, not R&D. Clients are corporate and “sovereign client.” Up to fifty countries interested in this. Talked about meeting with the Chilean astronaut corps, who sat in one chair in his office. A lot of pent-up demand for smaller countries to get into space in some way other than NASA and Russia. Coming out with client leasing guide in middle of November. Have been cautious about shallow pocket books in the recession, so have expanded menu items from seven to eighteen, for more flexibility in amount of time and volume clients can lease. Using a real-estate model. Are offering financing. View themselves as wholesaler, so have no problems with reselling or subletting, as long as users meet minimum requirements. Thinking farther out, look to moon as stepping stone to Mars. Would like to see Delta IV upgraded to seventy-eighty ton vehicle.

Private Space Station Progress

Bob Bigelow was at the reception last night. So was Leonard David, who got him to spill the beans on his “sovereign clients.” I think that Mike Gold makes an important point:

While countries in Asia and Europe take commercial advantage of space, “my fear is that this could become yet another extremely lucrative economic opportunity that is engendered here … and then shipped overseas,” Gold cautioned. “The U.S. Congress should spend less time questioning the business case of the commercial market. They need to spend more time trying to figure out how to grow that market and ensure that it happens here in the United States.”

With their blinkered “NASA must develop, own and operate its own vehicle” mentality, they are unwittingly aiding commercial space — in Russia.

Kos, Pwned

I’m capturing this history quiz here for posterity, before it scrolls off Twitter (not a permalink, which is why I’m doing it):

# #KosHistoryQuiz US const. establishes which 3 branches? (a) Exec, Judicial, Legislative (b) EPA, IRS, Sesame Street (c) Obama, Obama, Obama less than 10 seconds ago via web

# #KosHistoryQuiz who wrote the Marshall plan? (a) George Marshall (b) Penny Marshall (c) Josh Marshall (d) Marshall Law 5 minutes ago via web

# #KosHistoryQuiz Boston Tea Party was a protest against (a) taxes (b) tuition increases (c) insensitivity against the Founding Muslims 13 minutes ago via web

# #KosHistoryQuiz “1773” is (a) teabagger racist code (b) Chicago area code (c) L33t H4x0r code 24 minutes ago via web

# #KosHistoryQuiz how many lefty bloggers does it take to screw up a Palin-is-Stupid meme? (a) 1 (b) 1773 (c) how many do you got? 36 minutes ago via web

# #KosHistoryQuiz 1773 is (a) year (b) street address of Palin Derangement Clinic (c) Kos’ new nickname forever and ever 40 minutes ago via web

# #KosHistoryQuiz which party occurred in 1773? (a) Boston Tea Party (b) Boston Red Sox World Series party (c) Boston album release party about 1 hour ago via web

# #KosHistoryQuiz outline these Supreme Court decisions (1) Brown v. Board of Education (2) Plessy v Ferguson (3) Palin v Voices in Kos’ Head about 1 hour ago via web

# #KosHistoryQuiz which phrase is not is the constitution? (a) separation of chuch and state (b) right of privacy (c) ummm (d) potrzebie about 1 hour ago via web

# #KosHistoryQuiz what is the significance of 1773? (a) Boston Tea Party (b) year when GOP invented slavery (c) sales of Kos’ last book about 1 hour ago via web

# Bring a blue light and disinfectant. @DLoesch I’ll be on Parker/Spitzer tonight about 2 hours ago via web

# #tweetsfrom2009 Dear Lord, please give me more money than Suge Knight and a bigger package than Bret Favre about 2 hours ago via web

# MelissaTweets RT @TheSenator: For @pbsgwen, et al: #fail #eyeroll | LOL about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck Retweeted by iowahawkblog and 3 others

# @jimgeraghty if all those swing district Dems lose, the ones left in DC will be some heretofore unknown level of super-concentrated idiocy. about 3 hours ago via web

# ridiculers of Sarah Palin’s “1773” reference respond about 4 hours ago via Tweet Button

# MattOrtega @RevDrEBuzz @tahDeetz @iowahawkblog You people are fools. I wasn’t questioning the date of the original Tea Party. about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck Retweeted by iowahawkblog and 5 others

# @MattOrtega mmm hmm. And you can see 1776 from your house. about 4 hours ago via web

# @jtLOL Will the following students please report to remedial history class @pbsgwen @markos @mattortega about 4 hours ago via web

# @pbsgwen What kind of wallpaper did Palin choose for her rent-free apartment in you head? about 5 hours ago via web in reply to pbsgwen

# #KosHistoryQuiz sum year of the Boston Tea Party and # of US states. Divide by latest MSNBC Nielsen rating. (a) infinity (b) math is hard

For those who need a little background on how Markos “don’t know much about history,” Bryan Preston has a good summary and links. Of course, Kos is the guy who thinks that Turks are Arabs.

And I’ve never been as impressed with Gwen Ifill as my supposed intellectual betters expect me to be.

Off To Las Cruces

To the ISPCS. Probably no posting until tonight.

[Late evening update]

Well, I made it, and made it to a great reception sponsored by Spaceport Sweden, with Absolut, whole salmon, herring, shrimp, cheese, and other healthy food. No Swedish bikini parachute team, but most of the spaceport people were women.

Off to bed now, for a busy symposium tomorrow.

The Job-Creator-In-Chief

Why is he playing favorites in Texas?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 214,000 net new jobs were created in the United States from August 2009 to August 2010. Texas created 119,000 jobs during the same period. If every state in the country had performed as well, we’d have created about 1.5 million jobs nationally during the past year, and maybe “stimulus” wouldn’t be such a dirty word.

To quote the president in another context, you’d think they would be thanking him, but I’ll bet those ingrate Texan hicks won’t even vote for him in 2012.

[Tagged as “Satire” because I’ve never created a “Sarcasm” category. Maybe I should.]

What Happened To All The Hurricanes?


The crazy 2004 and 2005 seasons were supposed to be the new normal. Pretend scientists like Al Gore said global warming was here, and we had better listen to him because he had all the answers. People pay Al Gore $200,000 to speak, but that doesn’t mean he knows anything.

I hope this is another bubble. We’d be better off paying him that much not to speak.

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