An interview with Stanley Kurtz, on Barack Obama’s socialism:

Obama was a socialist even before he reached Columbia. But it was in April of 1983, in his senior year, that Obama walked into an off-campus Socialist Scholars Conference. That conference changed the future president’s life and gave him a program he’s been following for his entire political career, right up to this day.

It was in the early eighties that American socialists turned in force to community organizing as a long-term strategy for transforming American society. With Reagan as president, conventional socialist nationalization of America’s businesses was impossible. So instead the focus turned to grassroots strategies for creating socialism “from below.” Community organizations like ACORN would take hold of the capitalist system from the ground up, forcing banks to make risky subprime loans, for example. The idea was to create de facto public control of businesses through community organizations, rather than through formal government ownership.

The symbol of all this was Chicago’s Mayor Harold Washington, who worked closely with Chicago’s small but influential collection of socialists, many of whom brought the community organizations they controlled onto the Washington bandwagon. The buzz at that 1983 Socialist Scholars Conference was that minority-led political coalitions would work in tandem with community organizations to swing the Democratic Party left. This would incrementally move America toward socialism. Harold Washington became Obama’s political idol, and Obama was swept up in plans to create a partnership between quietly-socialist community organizers and left-leaning minority politicians to reshape the American system.

Amazingly, the Socialist Scholars Conferences Obama attended in New York in the mid-eighties even put him on the path that led to Reverend Wright. The Democratic Socialists of America, which sponsored those conferences, had just formed an alliance with the black liberation theologians who were Reverend Wright’s mentors. Obama would have learned all about the ties between black liberation theology and socialism at those conferences.

It’s a shame that the media was too busy sending reporters to go through the dumpsters in Wasilla, Alaska, to do this kind of research. But there are only so many resources, and priorities have to be made.


…the Lindsay Lohan of states. One of the many good things about Tuesday’s result is that there is now no prospect for the state to be bailed out by the federal taxpayers. The moronic electorate here is about to have a hard collision with reality.

[Update early afternoon]

What happens when a state goes bankrupt? I guess we’re going to find out, because California (and other states, such as Illinois) are essentially already there.

Prospects For The Individual Mandate

are poor, constitutionally speaking. And the great thing is that because the idiots couldn’t find room in a two-thousand-page bill for a severability clause, the entire atrocity will be struck down.

As Somin points out, if this stands, there is essentially no limit to what the federal government can impose on an individual. This was amply illustrated by the back and forth between Elena Kagan and Tom Coburn, when she essentially (and unwittingly) admitted as much. In fact, she got it exactly backwards. A law requiring all Americans to eat a minimum amount of fruits and vegetables a day might actually be a smart, not a stupid one, but it would be unconstitutional. Which is one of many reasons why she should not have been confirmed, and will be a disaster for limited government for decades.

Man, Hitler Is Having A Really Bad Week

First the Dems losing the House big time, and now this.

I have to say, though, that the substitution of “Olbermann” for “Steiner” is a little jarring, given that they’re both German names (hey, I never thought how appropriate his name was until now…). I’m sure that people fluent in German have to find these quite annoying. But for the rest of us, they’re the gift that keeps on giving.

I Don’t Want A Government That Is “Pro Business”

I want one that is for the free market.

Yes, I know that I’ve been complaining that the administration has been anti-business, and it has been, particularly with all of the uncertainty that it’s engendered, with businesspeople not knowing what new atrocity and attack on profits it’s going to commit. But that doesn’t mean that I want it to be subsidizing politically favored business (including energy businesses, of all flavors) either.

Serve Up A Nice Steaming Plate Of Crow

…for Stu Rothenberg. From April of last year:

Over the past couple of weeks, at least three Republicans — House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (Va.), former Speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.) and campaign consultant Tony Marsh — have raised the possibility of the GOP winning back the House of Representatives next year.

That idea is lunacy and ought to be put to rest immediately.

None of the three actually predicted that Republicans would gain the 40 seats that they need for a majority, but all three held out hope that that’s possible. It isn’t.

So how seriously should we take his prognostications now?

Record Books

They were shattered in Ann Arbor yesterday.

The teams appeared to be evenly matched, but I think that was misleading. What those watching saw was a well-balanced (offense/defense) team play a team with a monster offense, and one of the worst defenses in the nation. Michigan’s offense made Illinois’ defense look much worse than it was, and their defense made Illinois’ offense look much better than it was, so it looked as though it was a purely offensive battle with poor defense on both sides. I have to say, though, that despite the score, Michigan’s defense was looking better than it had been, with some key stops (especially, of course, the final one that won the game by preventing the two-point conversion). Of course, it will have to continue to improve if they’re to have any hope of beating Wisconsin and Ohio State.

[Update Monday morning]

Without looking it up, I’m guessing that Michigan now has another (dubious) record — points allowed while still winning (65).

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