Ann Althouse dissects Obama’s speech yesterday.

You know, all that dissing of trucks (and truck drivers) isn’t going to play very well in southeast Michigan this fall. I can see a lot of campaign ad fodder arising from that speech. They don’t just drive trucks back where I come from — they build them. And the guy who’s running them down is the putative owner of the company who makes them. It’s truly amazing how politically tone deaf these people are. Now that the Bush derangement among the general populace (which was the prime driver for electing this cipher) is wearing off, they’re going to reap the whirlwind in November.

More Bad News For The Despots

They may be able to delay certifying Brown, but Kirk will not be able to provide the sixtieth vote after election day. So it won’t matter what kind of games they want to play with the Brown certification.

The latest rumor is that the last-ditch ploy will be to tell the House that they have to just vote for the Senate bill, so it won’t need the sixty votes after reconciliation.

The problem with that is, I’ll bet they don’t have 218 votes for that. Particularly after the now-expected outcome in Massachusetts on Tuesday. They won’t get Stupak’s vote, for sure.

I have to say that there’s another good outcome of this whole thing. I’ve finally learned how to spell Massachusetts reliably. I could never figure out whether there were supposed to be two esses in the second one, or two tees, or both. Of course, I’ve never made the stupid mistake that the Coakley people did. And they live there. Supposedly…

[Update a few minutes later]

Patrick Kennedy is a big fan of “Marcia” Coakley. Do all of these Democrat morons need remedial spelling lessons? Or is it that they just have a problem with names? Either way, hilarious, and it just adds to the fun.

[Monday morning update]

Intrade now has Brown at 66, Coakley at 35.


Obama and Coakley can’t fill a 3000-person hall in Boston. I guess the magic is gone.

Meanwhile, it’s standing-room only at the Brown rallies.

[Sunday evening update]

The latest Cross-Target poll is out, taken this afternoon, while Obama was rallying the troops (what few he could get to attend). It has Brown up by over ten points among likelies, with a 4% margin.

To me, the tale is here:

2. And do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Scott Brown? If favorable press 1. If unfavorable press 2. If you are undecided press 3.

1. Favorable 60.3%
2. Unfavorable 31.9%
3. Undecided 7.8%

3. And what about Martha Coakley? Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Martha Coakley? If favorable press 1. If unfavorable press 2. If you’re undecided press 3.

1. Favorable 39.7%
2. Unfavorable 54.2%
3. Undecided 6.1%

The Donkeys will use this as an excuse, saying that they just had a terrible candidate. I think that the turnout at the president’s rally today belies that. They were stupid enough to think that, because it was Massachusetts, and Teddy’s seat, that they could nominate a ham sandwich and win. She certainly thought so, since she quit campaigning after she won the primary.

They completely misread the mood of not just the nation, but of the state. If they try to ram this crap sandwich down our throats now, the retribution in the fall will be apocalyptic for them. Of course, at this point, even their efforts will be pretty devastating to them, as they were in 1994. And also of course, when it happens, they’ll say (and even insanely delude themselves into believing) that it wasn’t because they tried to socialize medicine, in defiance of all the polls, but rather because they failed. Because, you know, they’re never wrong.

Scott Brown Attack Ads

Iowahawk is running a contest.

Just how brown is Republican Scott “Brown”? Here’s what the Republican says:

I’m Scott Brown.

But the pictures tell a different story. In fact, Republican Scott Brown is not brown at all. He’s 100% lily white. And 100% Republican. if Republican Scott “Brown” is willing to lie about that, what else is he willing to lie about?

Republican liar Scott “Brown.” Wrong on color, and wrong for Massachusetts. And Republican.

Especially Republican.

[Update a few minutes later]

I like this one from comments:

WIFE: They say Scott Brown wants to end poor people’s medical care.

HUSBAND: I hear he wants to steal Ted Kennedy’s corpse and drop it from a plane onto school children.

WIFE: The same school children he wants to run naked through a bonfire as they worship Azathoth.

HUSBAND: The same giant demon that will appear on the state flag after Brown moves the capitol to Dunwich.

V.O.: Scott Brown: Good for the Great Old Ones; Bad for Massachusetts.

Plus, he’s a Republican.

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