I’m Going To Rush Out And Buy Stock

…in this company when it IPOs:

GM…acknowledges that meeting customer and CAFE requirements is going to add to the cost of vehicles in the future and could put downward pressure on sales. The more advanced technologies, like fuel cells and batteries, face even bigger hurdles as neither one has yet proven commercially feasible and there is no guarantee that GM and its suppliers will be able to bring down the costs as hoped. Nonetheless, alternative propulsion systems will be GM’s top research priority going forward.

A non-Government Motors wouldn’t be doing such a nutty thing.

Let Them Sweat

I was walking to a meeting, wearing a suit, in downtown DC on Monday morning, when (dripping in sweat) I formulated a theory of what really caused the impending collapse of the Republic: the invention of air conditioning. Today, Dan Miller has similar thoughts. On the other hand, perhaps power seekers aren’t hedonistic enough to mind. On the gripping hand, you wouldn’t know it from their salaries and perks.

Not To Me

Why the bad economic news shouldn’t always (or ever, lately) be “unexpected“:

While our economy is enormously complicated, it seems reasonably clear that the current slump has turned into the “worst downturn since the Great Depression” precisely because of the ill-advised policies of the Obama administration. Those policies contradict the lessons of history, and there is no reason why their failure should be unexpected.

But “as any intelligent and informed person would have expected” doesn’t quite fit the media narrative.

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