Institute For Liberty In Space

Few people, at least in the space community, had heard of the Institute for Liberty prior to their press conference earlier this week, in which the organization’s president, Andrew Langer, lambasted the House NASA authorization bill as a “travesty,” and called out space subcommittee Representatives Gabrielle Giffords and Alan Grayson by name as some of the chief perps behind it. I decided to see what this was all about, and interviewed Andrew earlier this week. Continue reading Institute For Liberty In Space

Old Ideas In A New Package

Why Obama is losing support — it’s the arrogance and condescension, stupid:

By now it should be clear that the only new idea Obama introduced into American politics was the idea of Obama: Obama the voice of a new generation, Obama the brilliant technocrat, Obama the postracial leader.

The reality of Obama has been quite the opposite. The fresh-faced young leader has governed according to stale old ideas. The dazzling intellect has proved inadequate to basic managerial challenges. We haven’t even been able to enjoy the achievement of having elected a black president, because so many of Obama’s supporters (though not Obama himself, to his credit) won’t shut up about how every criticism of the president and his policies is “racist.”

Yet in America’s current predicament, there is ample reason for optimism. We’d like to think that the failure of Obama’s policies will discredit the bad economic ideas on which they’re based, that his incompetence will discredit the notion that the cognitive elite should run the lives of everyone else, and that the phony charges of racism will discredit the long-outdated assumption of white guilt, at last bringing America close to the ideal of a colorblind society.

I’m less optimistic. There’s a reason that the left’s ideas are the oldest ones in the world — they have a superficial appeal to people who don’t give them much thought, and so we have to suffer repeatedly from their failed social experiments, and relearn the lessons every few generations.

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When you’ve lost Shephard Fairey…well, I’m not sure who you’ve lost, but he has. On the other hand, he seems to remain in denial:

“To say I feel disappointment is within the context that I know he’s very intelligent, very capable, very compassionate,” Fairey said. “I think he has the tools, and he does not trust his instincts in how to apply them.”

What a fool. And a tool.

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An Obama primary challenge?

Its always bad political juju to have a primary challenge against an unpopular incumbent, particularly when the unpopularity is as a result of policies, but it would be particularly disastrous for the Donkeys in 2012, because the blacks would probably stay home in the fall if he were defeated in the primary.

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