About Half An Hour Till Launch

Clark has a bunch of links, including webcasts, for the SpaceX launch, now scheduled for 11:20 AM Eastern. The last text I got from Florida Today indicates that weather is green, but there are some cumulus building to the west (typical for this time of year, which is one of the reasons the Cape actually isn’t that great a location for a launch site).

[Update a few minutes later]

They’re holding at T minus 15 minutes. Not clear what they’re waiting for to resume the count. The SpaceX webcast is here.

OK, just heard that it’s a range hold while they verify telemetry.

[Update at 12:06 PM EDT]

Still on a range hold. The webcast at SpaceX has dropped off. They still have three hours of window today.

[Update at 12:20 PM EDT]

I don’t know what’s happened to the SpaceX webcast, but SpaceFlightNow is covering it, with Miles O’Brien.


[Update at 12:45 PM EDT]

We seem to be making negative progress. I just got a text that says the clock has been reset to T minus 27:30, with no new launch time. So we’re at least a half hour away. But at least the radar’s looking OK. But that doesn’t show anvil clouds.

[Update at 1 PM EDT]

OK, the count is now back at T minus 29, but they’re also saying there may be a boat in the box. I’ve never understood why we allow that to hold a launch. It’s just Darwin in action, and it allows protesters to disrupt launches.

OK, it looks like the hold is back to 15.

[Update at 1:15 PM EDT]

OK, they’ve picked up the count, with a launch at 1:30.

[Update at 1:30 PM]

Abort prior to ignition. They still have an hour and a half to recycle, if they figure out why.

[Update at 13:41 EDT]

SpaceX is saying that it was a shutdown right after ignition. No word yet on the possibilities of recycling today. They probably won’t know until they know what the problem was.

[Update a few minutes later]

Mission control is reporting that there was an “out-of-limit start-up parameter.” That could be lots of things. How do they solve it? How far out of limit was it? Do they widen the limits a little, or what? If it’s an actual hardware problem, I don’t see how they go today. They have less than an hour left.

[Update at 14:30 EDT]

They only have about fifteen minutes left to restart the count.

[Update a couple minutes later]

They’re doing a poll.

OK, clear to go. 2:45 attempt. This will be the last one today.

[Update a few minutes before launch]

They’re saying that they’re accepting whatever the parameter issue was.

[Update shortly after liftoff]

Looking good so far less than a minute in.

OK, just went through Max Q.

It’s interesting to see the “corner” on the rocket exhaust from the square cluster configuration.

OK, they just staged. Looked clean to me, and they have a second-stage ignition.

The Sestak Offer

…that makes no sense:

So how to explain the Sestak offer? Either the Obama administration (and President Clinton!) didn’t know the relevant rules, or they didn’t mind lying to Sestak, or they don’t mind lying to us.

Any reason that it can’t be all of the above? No honor among thieves, even incompetent ones.

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!