The Human Rights Facade

…is beginning to crumble.

There is a vital role for groups like HRW and Amnesty to play in the world. Properly understood, their mission is to use their moral authority to shame and condemn tyranny and those who wish to make the world a hospitable place for tyrants and terrorists. But moral authority requires moral clarity. HRW and Amnesty have been overtaken by activists who use their position to wage easy campaigns against open societies instead of taking on the more difficult, thankless, and sometimes dangerous struggle against closed ones.

Kind of like the global warming scam. Amnesty International should be ashamed, but it’s apparently incapable of it.

Best Ad

I missed the first half (after giving up on our Costco trip yesterday, being unable to find a parking space and having forgotten that everyone would be stocking up for the game today, we went about game time. Lightest traffic ever…), but my favorite ad in the second half was Audi’s. Selling us green cars by showing us our ecofascist future…

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I agree:

I can’t wait for the video showing Hitler’s reaction to Peyton Manning’s fourth-quarter interception.

I think that it says something about the culture that, sixty-five years later, Adolf Hitler has become a pop-culture joke. Unfortunately, I think that the ideology of radical Islam and Allah will be much more resistant. Partly because when we make fun of Hitler, there aren’t riots in the streets, with threats of decapitation.

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Did the Colts get the kiss of death?

He also thought the Olympics were a shoe-in for Chicago because of his involvement (epic fail), that Corzyn would win in New Jersey, Deeds in Virginia, Coakley in Massachusetts, and that he would by himself succeed in Copenhagen. That’s 0-5 there tough guy! From President Obama predicts Colts victory in Super Bowl XLIV.

I’m guessing that there are a lot of donkeys who will be begging The One to stay the hell away from their campaigns this fall.

Obama Isn’t A Keynesian

He just thinks he is:

If Keynes were alive today, what would he think of President Obama’s fiscal policies?

He would roll over in his grave if he could see the things being done in his name. Keynes was opposed to large structural deficits. He thought that they chilled rather than stimulated the economy. It’s true that we’re stuck with large deficits now. The goal should be to reduce them, not to take on new spending that makes them worse.

Today, deficits are getting bigger and bigger with no plan to significantly lower them. Keynes understood what the current administration doesn’t understand that the proper policy in a democracy recognizes that today’s increase in debt must be paid in the future.

We paid down wartime deficits. Now we have continuous deficits. We used to have a rule people believed in, balanced budgets. And now that’s gone.

But misinterpreting Keynes allows them to pursue their political agenda of growth in government.

The Great IPCC Meltdown


When the glacier story broke, IPCC apologists returned over and over again to a saving grace. The bogus glacier report appeared in the body of the IPCC document, but not in the much more carefully vetted Synthesis Report, in which the IPCC’s senior leadership made its specific recommendations to world leaders. So it didn’t matter that much, the apologists told us, and we can still trust the rigorously checked and reviewed Synthesis Report.

But that’s where the African rain crisis prediction is found — in the supposedly sacrosanct Synthesis Report.

So: the Synthesis Report contains a major scare prediction — 50% shortfall in North African food production just ten years from now — and there is no serious, peer-reviewed evidence that the prediction is true.

But there’s more. Much, much more.

You wonder at what point, if any, the warm-monger worshippers will realize that they’ve been scammed?

And as Mark Steyn notes (again), it’s not just a science scandal, it’s a scandal of gross journalism malpractice.

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Time to follow the money.

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