The DoJ Lied

And justice died. And some of the lies were under oath. I’m shocked, shocked.

Is there room under the bus for Eric Holder?

[Update late morning]

Here’s more:

The NBBP case has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media for almost two years. It has been dismissed as “small potatoes” by some who do not seem to understand its implications, particularly its underscoring of the bias of this administration against the race-neutral enforcement of our voting-rights laws. But this latest development shows that the political leadership of this Justice Department has been much more involved in the case that it has been willing to admit (and in fact has denied under oath). So far, these leaders have faced virtually no repercussions for their misbehavior. Let’s hope that soon will change.

It may not change until there’s a change at the top.

The Anti-Government Straw Man

We don’t want no government — we want limited government, as the Founders intended, and the Bill of Rights dictates. We want a restoration of the lost 9th and 10th Amendments, and a reining in of the out-of-control interpretation of the Commerce Clause that has served to eviscerate them.

As I’ve noted in the past, when the left has no real arguments against our actual positions, they make up their own for us, and then kick them down. Of course, the headline of my piece from two years ago (which was not mine) wasn’t correct — it was a way to win the election in 2008. This year, not so much…

Old Age

…is it a cause of death?

There will be unintended consequences (good ones, in my opinion) of making it one. It implies that aging is itself a disease, and one that should be fought directly, rather than coming up with palliatives for individual symptoms of it (e.g., hypertension, muscle degeneration, senility, etc.), which would mean that the medical establishment would have to take gerontological research a lot more seriously than it currently does, both in terms of interest and resources. It also flies in the face of the deathist belief that we shouldn’t seek longer life, because it’s not “natural” (the naturalistic fallacy).

Good Space Reporting

It’s so rare, I want to applaud it when it occurs. There’s a story at the WaPo that has a good summary of what’s going on in space policy, though I think that the headline is a little understated. It might have been nice to get a little more elaboration on this, though:

The House bill awaiting action would give twice as much money to Russia for transporting astronauts and cargo to the space station as it would give to U.S. companies working to build that capacity.

Insanity. And it doesn’t even mention the fact that this undermines the non-proliferation regime, due to the need to continually waive the requirements for INKSNA (a subject on which I’ll have more tomorrow).

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!