Big Government

What we’re talking about:

In a century, Big Government transformed an essential and minimalized service, the Federal Highway Administration, into the Department of Where the F*** Do You Think You’re Going, and the above fog machine is just the genetics of one department. I noted earlier that the GAO had “found” massive amounts of redundancy; it was a poor word. The GAO simply took the time to report on the disgust. Any rational man could look at the following, which is nothing more than a collection of current federal agencies, and understand the waste is of a scale difficult to comprehend and inspiring of our worst tendencies to rage.

It’s frightening, really.

The Climate-Change Gravy Train

How well paid are the warm-mongers? Looks like nice work to me, if you can get it, and all you have to do is go along with the politically correct status quo. I don’t know of anyone who’s done as well by scepticism. But then, the latter are being true to standards of science.

[Update a few minutes later]

The EPA person responsibility for regulating CO2 levels doesn’t know what the current level is. The country’s in the very best of hands.

When Is No-Fly Zone…

…a no-fly zone?

Joe Pappalardo makes the case against one. I’m on record as supporting one (though of course, it was a quick blog post, and I always reserve the right to change my mind), but I was actually being more generic. While the points Joe makes are all valid, what I was really advocating was rendering Colonel Whathisname incapable of attacking civilians from the air. The scenario he lays out would do that just about as well, and at much less cost and risk.

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