Islam On Campus

The numbers from the UK are pretty scary:

The statistic that stood out the most was that 32% of Muslim college students believe it is OK to kill someone in the name of religion. Most who held that belief said that killing is perfectly fine if you are defending your religion. So it shouldn’t be surprising that another CSC study (done in July 2010) revealed that 1/3 of terrorist attacks done by British Muslims the last ten years was done by people who had attended universities.

Other parts of the CSC research found that 40% of Muslims want Sharia law in the UK for Muslims. 1/3 of those want a worldwide Caliphate based on Sharia. There are already over 85 Sharia law schools in the British Isles, so their wish is becoming true. Moreover, 54% of those survey wanted a Muslim Party to be represented in Parliament.

I too would like to see a similar poll done on American campuses.

An Amusing Teeshirt

After all these decades, I was surprised to learn a couple of years ago in an eye exam that I’m somewhat color blind. It’s never affected my life, as far as I know — I see red lights on a green Christmas tree, and I’ve never had trouble distinguishing between red and green traffic signals. But apparently others must see the colors more vividly than I do. Or perhaps it was a late onset kind of thing. Anyway, though I can see many red spots, I can’t quite make out the message on this shirt. Which is probably a good thing.

Thoughts On Eskimos

From the strange mind of James Lileks:

As we were all taught in grade school, the Eskimos came across the land bridge from Russia, which broke once they were across, and then they settled down and built igloos, invented 37 words for snow, made parkas with fur around the face, and fished. the teacher would note that some continued to go south, and eventually populated the rest of the Americas, where they spent their time raising Maize and not inventing the wheel, hanging around wearing loincloths, and playing a game that involved putting a rubber ball through a stone circle. They also invented chocolate. Then the Spanish came, and –

Hold on, Teacher, why didn’t the Eskimos keep moving south?

We don’t know.

But why would anyone stay there? Especially when the rest of the guys are moving on?

We don’t know.

So the Eskimos are sitting in snow up to their eyebrows, and some guys say “hey, we’re going to keep moving, because this sucks,” and the Eskimos stay because they think it can’t possibly get any better?

We don’t know.

Also, some technological prognostication: videopaint.

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