Narcissist Alert

It’s always about him:

At one point, he warned his crowd of supporters to get out to vote in order to prevent his own embarrassment in November: “Don’t make me look bad, now.” Since he is not up for reelection, apparently the president means that the slaughter of perhaps 50 Democratic congressional representatives and 8-10 senators will reflect poorly upon himself. Of course it will, but he might have instead phrased his dilemma in terms of worry about his supporters’ fates rather than his own, inasmuch as most all voted for his agenda, despite the fact that almost all elements of it polled poorly with the American people. After November, many will be out of a job, not he — and yet his concern seems to be the public perception of his own godhead, not their unemployment.

Have we ever had a president so self absorbed? Since Bill Clinton, that is?

Michigan’s Defense Finally Caught Up With Them

If you can’t defend against scoring, you have to score whenever you get your hands on the ball, and Robinson is having an off day, with two picks in the end zone. Not looking good in the third quarter, down 30-10.

[Update after the game]

Well, actually, while they had a typically bad day, the defense did get several stops against the Spartans, and they played well enough to win if the offense had scored as much as they have been. Michigan State was just a better team on both sides of the ball today.

Green Fervor

Red blood. More thoughts on the ecofascist snuff film, and the insularity of the politically correct:

This isn’t a joke for the benefit of you and me. No, this is a knee-slapper for those already committed to the cause. The subtext is, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just get rid of these tiresome, inconvenient people?” That’s why they’re blown up without anyone trying to change their minds. That’s the joke: “Enough with these idiots already.”

How else to explain the fact that this thing went through the entire pre-production and filming process, was undoubtedly screened by any number of people — most likely including sponsors and PR people — and none of them said, “Are you nuts? We can’t go public with this.”

That’s the outrage here: not that they thought normal people would find it funny, but that the producers and sponsors clearly did think it was funny. It’s like one of those ugly inside jokes high-school cliques share that instantly become horrendous when outsiders find out about them. In their arrogance and insularity, they didn’t realize that their inside joke wasn’t appropriate for mixed company. Imagine Curtis’s horror when he discovered no one was laughing outside the green bunker.

One wonders if he’s learned anything from it.

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