I’m Now A “Neoskeptic”

As the first commenter notes here, this is a sign of recognition that the warm mongers are recognizing that the unscientific “the science is settled” argument has failed, and they’re starting to slowly capitulate, though they continue to do so irrationally. As Judith notes, they continue to rely on the flawed precautionary principle, when the uncertainty remains far too high.


…are about to get awesome.

This seems like what I probably need. My Gateway laptop is impossible to use on a plane unless I’m in first class (which I rarely am), and it’s getting a little long in the tooth, with some keys starting to fail. It also tends to hang after a while in Fedora 23. So if I can replace it with something with a touchscreen and separate keyboard, compatible with my Android phone, that’s probably the way to go now.

Culture Of Corruption

An email that requests that the State Department “take care” of a Clinton Foundation donor. And surprise, surprise! Hillary didn’t turn over all of the emails discussing interactions between State and foundation donors.

More from Mark Tapscott. Can there be any doubt, at this point, why she set up the personal server?

[Update a few minutes later]

Hillary’s pay-for-play scheme at the State Department. No one who paid any attention in the 90s would be surprised by any of this, when they peddled the White House for donations. Just ask Johnny Chung.

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