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The “Green” “New” Deal

As I noted on Twitter, it’s neither new, or green, and you know these morons aren’t serious about CO2 reduction when they try to shut down nuclear as fast as possible. Mike Shellenberger relates the history of this insanity in Vermont:

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The ten most insane requirements of it:

It is not hyperbole to contend that GND is likely the most ridiculous and un-American plan that’s ever been presented by an elected official to voters. Not merely because it would necessitate a communist strongman to institute, but also because the societal cost are unfathomable. The risible historic analogies Markey and Ocasio-Cortez rely on, the building of the interstate highway system or moon landing, are nothing are but trifling projects compared to a plan [that] overhauls modernity by voluntarily destroying massive amounts of wealth and technology. That is the GND.

These people are out of their minds. And Markey has always demonstrably been an idiot.

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Pelosi to AOC and Markey: It’s a “suggestion,” of which they’ll receive many. Translation: She’s not as stupid as they are. It’s DOA.

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More from Tyler O’Neil.

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The “Green New Deal” represents everything that is wrong with “progressive” environmentalism.

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This is hilarious. It’s OK, Occasional Cortex, we’re laughing at you, not with you.

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The “Green New Deal” FAQ is now available for download, despite the fact that it was “taken down.”

I’m thinking I should come up with some other ideas left on the cutting-room floor. It could be fun. And these people are now officially unable to be parodied.

Space Settlement Straw Man

I don’t know whether this guy’s ideas for carbon capture make economic sense or not, but this I see a lot of this sort of nonsense:

You quote the Jesuit philosopher Thomas Berry, who writes about our being inseparable from the Earth. That’s not trending in Silicon Valley the way, say, terraforming Mars is.

What the hell do we do when we’ve trashed the hell out of Earth? We escape to another planet! That appears to be the attitude from the tech-os. Well, I find that hugely irresponsible. Why waste billions on going to Mars when we should be putting that into nourishing Earth? It’s your classic mechanical mind gone to the extreme, and I find it abhorrent from people that are meant to be intelligent. We are an integral part of Earth and until we start nurturing her, we are going to go down the gurgler. Maybe a few of those tech-os will end up on a spaceship, but the rest of us won’t.

I don’t know anyone who wants to escape to another planet because we’ve trashed the earth.

Interior Design

of long-duration space ships. I’d like to attend that event, but it looks like it coincides with the Space Transportation Conference in DC.

These issues are why I’ve never taken any Mars plans by NASA seriously. Until we dramatically reduce the cost of access to space, so we can afford an armada of spacious vehicles, sending humans to Mars will be a pipe dream, but at least Elon is taking that problem seriously, even if he’s doing nothing about the partial-gravity issue.

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Oops, there is no conflict, but I still can’t go; it starts tomorrow. I wonder if Lurio will attend?

The Fear Of The Evangelicals

An interesting take from David French over Ben Shapiro’s latest deplatforming:

At first glance, a statement like this seems very off-brand for modern Evangelicalism. After all, isn’t it Trumpian now? Aren’t Evangelicals all about owning the libs? But if you dig deeper, you know that Grand Canyon’s actions are entirely consistent with the real malady that stalks much of American Evangelical thought. Christians aren’t so much about owning the libs. They’re all about fearing the libs, and that fear manifests itself differently in different Christian communities.

In white Evangelicalism more broadly, you see the palpable panic of increased secularization and diminished liberty that led the people of God — the heirs to a line of faith that is thousands of years old — to seek the protection and good graces of a philandering, mendacious reality-television star and real-estate developer.

Yes, in earlier days, people of faith like Hezekiah confronted the Assyrian army while relying on God and not human alliances to save his people, but — good grief — that’s Hillary Clinton out there! How can the church withstand her terrible wrath?

In other sectors of the Evangelical church, however, the fear of the Left (mixed with more than a little desire for the kind of earthly prestige that only the secular progressive elite can bestow) creates a very different effect. Especially in academic circles, you see Christians virtually begging, “Don’t treat me like the other Christians. I’m not like them.”

It’s a modern version of the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, where the new Pharisee puts out a press release that says, “We’re not like those mean conservatives! We give back to our community and embrace diversity!” In the vain effort to secure the world’s approval — and thereby secure their institutional future — these fearful Christians broadcast their good deeds to the world, hoping the world will love them back.

Oh, ye of little faith.

Let The Covington Lawsuits Begin

This is quite a list.

I was saddened to see S. E. Cupp involved in this. I thought she was more sensible.

I found this particular slur a little ambiguous: “Dirty a*s crackers…”

Hyphens are your friend.

[Update a few minutes later]

More over at PJMedia. Philips should be sued, too, but there are probably no assets to go after there.

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“If you’re a Democrat and you want to know why I won’t join you, watch that video again.”